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Award winners announced – On-line Phillumeny Exhibition 2021

Following our successful 2021 On-line Phillumeny Exhibition, the three Award winners have now been announced and their Exhibits can be seen in our Permanent Gallery.

The Award winners are :

  • The President’s Award winner is “The Tigers of Malaya” by Badrul Hisham Jaafar
  • The Members’ Award winner is “Murder on Fuencarral Street” by Jesús María Bollo García
  • The Committee’s Award winner is “Hi-no-Yojin” by Takeshi Yokomizo

On-line Phillumeny Exhibition 2021 is now CLOSED

Our first On-line Phillumeny Exhibition ran from 1st October to 31st October 2021 and was an unqualified success, attracting over 2000 visitors during the month. We had over 40 exciting Exhibits from members across the world, covering the whole breadth of our hobby on topics such as murder, fire, railways, tigers, postcards, and mandolins, and including a huge amount of never-before-seen material. The Award winners will be announced shortly and will go into a Permanent Gallery on our web site.

We have already started preparing for next year’s Exhibition, which will again take place in October. 

Covid guidance for October 3rd meeting in London

Everyone attending the meeting on Sunday 3rd October is asked to observe the following Covid guidance, in order to comply with the Risk Assessment.

  1. Notices will be fixed to the outside of the fire door to the car park. and to the door in the lobby advising re symptoms, face covering and hand sanitising.
  2. A supply of spare masks will be available for those who arrive without.
  3. There will be up to 50 attendees, and social distancing will be observed. The age group of attendees means that most will have had two vaccinations, and some will have had a third.
  4. A one-way system will be in place, and having the fire door to the car park open will also allow for ventilation.
  5. Sanitizing sprays will be available at both doors and in the toilets.

Our Average Magazine Reader (1950)

The Phillumenist magazine ‘s tenth anniversary edition in 1950 included an article entitled “Our Average Reader”. Here’s what it said, which makes fascinating reading and an interesting comparison to today :

Our average reader is 38, has 10,828 different labels, and has collected abroad. He picks up boxes fresh to him in the street, also collects mint and damaged labels, and keeps ancient boxes intact. He started the hobby on his own initiative, keeps his labels hinged in albums by paper hinges, and classified by countries of manufacture. He calls himself a phillumenist, corresponds with collectors at home and abroad (chiefly Czechoslovakia), will reply quickly. He spends 5½ hours a week on the hobby, keeps his “Phillumenist” magazines, started collecting in 1936, and reads the magazine from page one. He has Cruse’s book, and has entertained a fellow collector at home. He has this magazine as far back a 1944, specialises in Swedish brands, has most labels of Sweden and rarely any from Russia.

The Phillumenist magazine, 10th Birthday edition, 1950
The Phillumenist magazine, 10th Birthday edition, 1950

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