What phillumenists collect
What phillumenists collect

Phillumeny is the name of our hobby, and we are known as Phillumenists.

Phillumeny includes the collecting of: matchbox labels, skillets, matchboxes, bookmatches, bookmatch covers, match holders, matchbox holders, bookmatch holders, all related packaging and materials and everything connected to the match manufacturing industry.

This section is a source of information for Phillumenists and non-collectors :

  • If you want to know more about Phillumeny and organising your collection then click on Getting Started 
  • We have created a Glossary which defines terms used in Phillumeny and points out occasionally misused terms.
  • The Friction Match was invented by John Walker, find out more about him here
  • There are many web sites connected with our hobby. Links to some of these can be found here

Getting Started


John Walker


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