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Match Label News is the official magazine of the Society, and is published six times a year. Here is the latest one.

Each 40-page issue keeps members up to date with all the latest information on new issues, events inside and outside the Society, auction lists for the auctions held at Society meetings and details of new publications about the hobby.

There are also fascinating articles on subjects as varied as individual boxes, labels, bookmatches, series, factories, manufacturers, patents, designs, artists, famous people. press articles and many other aspects of Phillumeny.

Our magazine is very well respected within the hobby, and is always a really good read. But the only way to ensure you get the latest issue is to join the Society.

See the latest magazine here and some sample articles here.

A brief history of our magazine

Newsletter from 1968

Since the first issue, numbered №.1 in February 1945, the Society’s magazine has provided members a mouth-piece for their views and has presented varied articles conveying a vast amount of information. Back then it was called the Newsletter, and it is surprising that in all this time there has only been seven appointed Editors. Joan Rendell gave us her contribution for over 38 years !

Here is the front cover of Newsletter 132 from December 1968. A good read, but no colour, no pictures and only 16 pages.

In February 2000 colour was introduced onto the cover and has been increasingly used.

The August 2007 issue was the first to be completely digitally prepared and printed, and Match Label News now regularly has 40 pages.

In tribute, a full list of magazine editors is shown below.

Editor Dates Magazine Name
Ian M Clark February 1945 to March 1950 Newsletter
Harold E Dear May 1950 to January 1952 Newsletter
Joan Rendell March 1952 to June 1990 Newsletter
Barry Cansell August 1990 to February 1994 Newsletter
Barry Cansell April 1994 to October 1995 Match Label News
not issued December 1995 and February 1996 Match Label News
Tony Gallaher April 1996 to February 2001 Match Label News
Arthur Alderton April 2001 and June 2001 Match Label News
Patrick Daly August 2001 to August 2006 Match Label News
Alan Downer October 2006 to date Match Label News

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