Permanent Gallery

Following our successful 2021 and 2022 On-line Phillumeny Exhibitions the Award winners now have their Exhibits in our Permanent Gallery.

Click on a link to access the Exhibit or read an Exhibitor’s biography. An asterisk indicates that the Exhibit is available in dual language.

Exhibit Exhibitor Award Country  
19th century scrapbook albums, 21st century treasure * Jesús María Bollo García Committee’s Award 2022 Spain
Anthony’s Garage Anthony Harris Members’ Award 2022 United Kingdom
Hi-no-Yojin (fire prevention in Japan) * Takeshi Yokomizo Committee’s Award 2021 Japan
Murder on Fuencarral street * Jesús María Bollo García Members’ Award 2021 Spain
The tigers of Malaya Badrul Hisham Jaafar President’s Award 2021 Malaysia
Sir Adamjee – From a Match Trader to a Nation Builder Badrul Hisham Jaafar President’s Award 2022 Malaysia

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