Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ10

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Lot No. Description
DJ10/1 Dutch labels – RIZLA+ veteran cars.  Used set of 30
DJ10/2 Foreign made labels for VG.  Veteran cars, Av 35. Set of 60 some well used
DJ10/3 Belgium labels.  Fort animal series.  Set number 17.   10 well used labels
DJ10/4 Belgium labels.  Fort animal series.  Set number 19.   Well used set of 15 label
DJ10/5 Cornish Match Co labels for Hardy Hanson pubs, the unnumbered issue of 18 + packet label.  Av 50
DJ10/6 Full set of 42 unused Australian Rules Football skillets.  Australian Match Mfg Ltd
DJ10/7 Full set of 48 Brymay Redheads labels  – Inventions.  Av 50.   Made in Australia
DJ10/8 Full set of 48 Brymay Redheads labels  – History.  Av 50.  Made in Australia
DJ10/9 Full set of 64 Brymay Redheads Labels – Marine.  Av 50.  Made in Australia
DJ10/10 Full set of 42 Federal Safety Matches labels.  Captain Cook.  Av 50.   Made in Australia
DJ10/11 Full set of 42 Federal Safety Matches labels.  Naval badges.  Av 50.  Made in Australia
DJ10/12 “Little Red Riding Hood”.  OM’s Fairy Tale Series label. Austria.  ISM. Av  50 sticks.  31×50 mms. R,Bk/Buff.  Used
DJ10/13   “The Lobster” label.  Austria SM.  73x50mms.  Bk, R/Buff.  Mint
DJ10/14 “Tatler Virginia Cigarettes” label.  Solo, Czechoslovakia.  54x81mms.  Mint
DJ10/15 Cornish Match Co. World Cup Spain 1982 labels numbers 5-10 of a series of 10. Av 48. Plus a B&M bookmatch cover made in Canada
DJ10/16 Cornish Match Co. labels.  Av 50.  Tropical Fish.  Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 17 of set of 18 and Tropical Fish, 4p labels.  Numbers 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 of set of 18 including some doubles
DJ10/17 Skillets – Spanish bullfighter no. 2 plus bullfighting 7, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30 (some doubles). Av 40 Fosforos Labor No. 3.  Made In Spain
DJ10/18 Brymay Redheads labels on card.  “Old cars”.  Mixture of portrait and landscape design. No’s. 2, 3, 7, 10-13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26-30, 32, 38-40, 44-48, 51, 53, 55-60, 63.  Av 50.  Made in Australia. Includes some doubles.
DJ10/19 Orebro Match Factory Sweden, half gross label, picture of lion on plinth, Tejder cat no. 73
DJ10/20 Two mint Jonkoping labels for King Gustav V of Sweden.  One for his 80th birthday in 1938 and one for 40 years on the throne (1907-1947)
DJ10/21 One mint set of “Zodiac signs” back and front labels  – from Jonkoping Match Factory, Swede
DJ10/22 Five different sets of 15 labels each. Osijek flowers (Yugoslavia).  Colours:  blue, brown, fawn, green and grey
DJ10/23  Set of 12 skillets, Garden Flowers.  Made in Belgium, with unused strikers.   Slightly thinned – slight tear to no’s 7, 8 and 12.  Av 40.
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ9 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ10
DJ9/6 Germany.  2 sets of Horsemen labels.  One set of light and one set of dark green.  Factory 103
DJ9/10  Set of 20 well used labels “Legends Kings and Windmills of Sussex”.  Sussex Match Co, Haywards Heath.  Av 45
DJ9/11 Set of 18 Lewis Meeson “British Birds” labels.  Av 50.  Made in Finland
DJ9/12 Allumettes Caussemille, Fabrique en Algerie, mint skillet (small size) with no striking surface
DJ9/15 Set of 10 Parlour box labels from Jonkoping Factory, Sweden.  “Sailing Boats” (no script on labels)
DJ9/16 Two mint labels – box and packet.  “The Cricket Match” from Anneberg, Sweden.  Issued 1896

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