Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ21

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Lot No. Description
DJ21/1 32 Bryant & May Sovereign bookmatches – unstruck
DJ21/2 10 Dutch labels – Rizla, fish
DJ21/3 Australian – The Stag.  One box and packet label previously hinged
DJ21/4 Belgian.  Nostra Match labels.  Corgi vintage cars.  Set 2 – 10 plus 1 (used)
DJ21/5 60 Cornish Match Nursery Rhymes labels.  AC 22.  Mint.  Made in Austria
DJ21/6 10 “Super Sonew Matches” packet labels. Cunard Steam Ships.  First series.  Previously hinged
DJ21/7 97 Bouldens labels.  Czech made.  Various topics
DJ21/8 Dutch Werter Lucifers.  Mopeds, set of 30 labels
DJ21/9 50 American bookmatch covers.  Saving and Loans, various manufacturers.  “N” size
DJ21/10 100 American bookmatch covers.  Major size.  Banks, various manufacturers (159 gms)
DJ21/11 67 American bookmatch covers. Political subjects.  3 sizes, various manufacturers (119 gms)
DJ21/12 Set of 60 Dutch mint labels, subject Birds for Kroon,with 3 clean used packet labels (1-20, 21-40 and 41-60)
DJ21/13   Set of 50 Dutch labels, used condition, animals for Vivo with 2 packet labels
DJ21/14 Set of 72 Dutch labels, used condition, heraldic shields for Hema with 2 packet labels
DJ21/15 15 German Rheika labels.  Views of older buildings
DJ21/16 21 Dutch labels – Nederland Line Royal Dutch Mail
DJ21/17 Hungary – Budapest 1966 European Championship Games. 15 labels and one packet label – Mint
DJ21/18 Brazilian matchbox labels.  Parana – depicting birds.  27 labels and one packet label – Mint
DJ21/19 98 Boulden Match Company – Czech labels.  Mostly depicting letter “B”
DJ21/20 16 CMC – Cornish Wreck labels.  AC 50.  (3p per box) – glossy – mint
DJ21/21 Portugal Bichos labels.  12 labels – Catalogue 248-259.  (No. 12 damaged)
DJ21/22 3 Bryant & May “Tiger” ARTB labels – mint.  Slight crease to one corner of one label
DJ21/23  6 Masters “Punch Line” Matches.  AC 49.  1.5p, thinned skillets
DJ21/24 Set of 18 labels – St George’s Taverns Inn Signs.  Some creased/slight damage plus  Set of 50 labels – St George’s Taverns Inn Signs – both light blue.  AC 30.  Made in Finland
DJ21/25 Cornish Match Company NSS Newsagents, football facts.  Set of 50 AC50 labels.  Some slightly creased
DJ21/26 Duchy Match Company, Set of 12 West Country Views. Made in Finland, AC40 plus Historic Cornwall numbered set of 12 –  AC48, W German Matches
DJ21/27 2 gross packet labels made in Sweden for South America. – “El Condor”.  264 x 145 mm and “El Libertador” for Venezuela.  290 x 150mm, slight tear to side
DJ21/28 Dutch numbered set of 30 labels for Centra.  1960 Olympics
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ20 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ21
DJ20/7 11 Belgian mint labels.  Various capital cities
DJ20/8 Best English Wax Vestas ARTB.  Good condition, unused, slight crease on one corner.  43mm x 108mm
DJ20/19 5 box labels “THREES” Safety Matches.  Made in England
DJ20/20 14 different box labels.  Made in England – mint

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