Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ12

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Lot No. Description
DJ12/1 3 mint dozen labels from South Africa:  National, Protea, Springbok
DJ12/2 5 Nitedals Norway labels: Peacock, Beehive a/c 50, Tower, The Buggy, Sail-On
DJ12/3 4 labels, made in Rhodesia.  Lion on plinth and Protea flower (both mint), made in South Africa Springbok (mint) and Firefly (good used)
DJ12/4 3 Blue Cross (Made in Norway) packet labels, good used, No a/c or price, no a/c 3d and a/c 48 2½p
DJ12/5 Old West Country brand (Tarr Steps) box and dozen labels.  Foreign made, a/c 36
DJ12/6 20 Upec labels – various, a/c 48. Made in West Germany
DJ12/7 16+1 Russian Space theme labels
DJ12/8 36 Dutch Carnaval 1962 labels (part of a 40 set)
DJ12/9 10 Belgian Le Reveil Windmills – red background
DJ12/10 10 Finnish Porin Films labels – set number 10
DJ12/11 30 ARTB’s – various subjects plus 60 grocery and supermarket ARTB’s (1965 – new)
DJ12/12 Skillets: 6 Bryant & May, 5 B&M The Souvenir Match (thinned), 5 Rizla with coloured pictures plus 1 (Cord Matches), 3 various skillets (one thinned)
DJ12/13   25 different Cooks Parlour skillets.  Unstruck and mint
DJ12/14 Full set of 18 mint labels – Jay Dees Newsagents, footballers – 1st series
DJ12/15 Full set of 18 mint labels – Jay Dees Newsagents, footballers – 2nd series
DJ12/16 Full set of 24 mint labels – 50th Anniversary of the Soviet Revolution
DJ12/17 Fire Bird Safety Matches, foreign made, a/c 30, box label (mint), packet and gross labels (very good used condition)
DJ12/18 Made in Estonia, 4 used labels:  King Cole, The Baltic, Marks & Spencer, Enterprise (with a small tear)
DJ12/19 Czech labels for Saudi Arabia, 9 packet and 14 box labels, mint
DJ12/20 Young’s Pale Ale, foreign make, mint dozen size labels and 2 good used box labels.  A/c 50 and 45
DJ12/21 7 Made in USSR/Russia well used labels:  Thor, Piccadilly, S Brand a/c 48, Scotch Heather a/c 30, Fire Queen 1½p  a/c 40, Fire Queen a/c 36 (slight damage to corner), Fire Queen a/c 32
DJ12/22 21 used box labels in total:  The Old West Country Brand, Old Cornish Mine, Heroic.  A/c 35 and 36
DJ12/23  Whitbread:  11 box labels, Austrian Matches, well used
DJ12/24 Whitbread:  15 box labels, Swiss Matches, well used, some damage
DJ12/25 Whitbread:  11 Boldens box labels, Czechoslovakian Matches, well used
DJ12/26 50 Executive Match Company labels – pubs/inns, used
DJ12/27 40 Universal Matchorama Billboard, 40 strike bookmatches, used
DJ12/28 40 Diamond Match, 20 and 30 strike bookmatches, used
DJ12/29 45+ foreign made, 20 and 30 strike bookmatches, used
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ11 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ12
DJ11/15 Celluloid match grip “Lord Kitchener”, Roll of Honour Day 7th November 1916
DJ11/17 Brass disk match holder as illustrated in MLN 416 pg 14. Slight variation on decoration, good condition. Reserve price £25, weight approx 220gm.  Item will come direct from seller

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