Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ15

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Lot No. Description
DJ15/1 Set of 12 mint labels.  Portugal, Sociedade National Lisboa, Ladies Regional Dress – Grey
DJ15/2 Dutch, HEMA labels, The Alphabet mint set of 26 plus 2 versions of letters X and W plus packet label
DJ15/3 Dutch labels.  Molen Lucifers, Windmills, no’s 161-180 plus 2 packet labels
DJ15/4 20 Dutch Mascotte miniature labels – 3 styles of “Beter Logos”. Slight tears to two
DJ15/5 12 Sussex Match  Company labels – Sussex Castles.  Av 45, Austrian matches
DJ15/6 4 Ohio Match Company bookmatches depicting butterflies. Copyright – 1957
DJ15/7 6 Dutch Mispelblom labels- fruit drinks
DJ15/8 Set of 10  –  J John Masters road safety ARTB labels
DJ15/9 Czech labels for Tunisia – 12 pairs of box and packet labels – mint
DJ15/10 100 different Swedish labels – mint
DJ15/11 Cornish Match Company – two tropical fish sets of 18 labels.  A/c 50 no price and A/c 50 price 4p
DJ15/12 “Three Locks” labels made in Czechoslovakia – Solo Match Works.  3 packet labels, 10 box labels – all mint
DJ15/13   Springfield Paraffin Matches – foreign made, mint dozen and box label.  A/c 47
DJ15/14 “The Pistol” label, made in Czechoslovakia, Solo Match Works.  1 packet label and 14 box labels, all mint except for 1 box label
DJ15/15 “The Three Trees” label, made in Czechoslovakia, Solo Match Works.  Impregnated Safety Matches.  1 packet label and 7 box labels – all mint
DJ15/16 Set of 9 labels,   “people” – Sweden.  Red border, glossy
DJ15/17 6 used “Tunisie” box labels depicting scenes (Tunisia)
DJ15/18 16 box labels – Israel.  Mint condition
DJ15/19 SEITA “Les Animaux et Les Fables”.  1 packet label and 15 box labels.  One box label badly damaged
DJ15/20 25 Bouldens Match Company labels – advertising.  Mint
DJ15/21 Complete set of 15 labels “Collis Inn” signs.  Issued 1957.  Front and back of box labels – damage to some
DJ15/22 40 Bryant & May major size bookmatches, FS and BS.  No matches
DJ15/23  Set of 6 South Africa Household size skillets.  Textures of Africa, Lion Safety Match Company (jumbo pack)
DJ15/24 Set of 16 labels, Austrian “Tirol” views. 1 damaged label
DJ15/25 20 Indian packet labels.  1 damaged, 2 slight damage
DJ15/26 12 German labels, “Phillumenie”. Factory number 3 – part set.  Mint.
DJ15/27 Great British Car Series set of 18 labels.  Cornish Match Co. Ltd.  A/c 48.  Finnish sticks
DJ15/28 Historical costumes set of 18 mint labels.  Harrow Match Agency – Kingston.  A/c 48.  Austrian
DJ15/29 “Play UPEC” dominoes.  Set of 28 labels.  UPEC Matches.  A/c 40.  West German
DJ15/30 Cornish Match Company – Nursery Rhymes (blue).  Set of 60 labels plus one application label.  A/c 22.  Austrian
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ14 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ15
DJ14/13 10 labels – scenes of Liege – Safety Matches.  Orange text
DJ14/14 12 Portugal Quinas P advertising labels.  Ac.40
DJ14/15 Set of 18 used labels – Tropical Fish.  Made in Finland.  Ac.50.

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