Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ19

This Auction closed on 31st August 2022.

Postal Auction DJ20 will commence with the October 2020 magazine, but until then we will leave the DJ19 catalogue below for information.

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Lot No. Description
DJ19/1 Australia.  Gross packet label for SYR-REB matches, red and black.  230mm x 160mm
DJ19/2 Austria.  Two sets of 10 labels with photos of Austrian buildings.  SOLO-SICHERHEITSZUNDER not numbered, and Austrian Matches numbered series for Eastern Counties Match A/C 48
DJ19/3 Austria. A set of 9 labels from 1960.  Solo Safety Matches, London, A/C 40, depicting scenes of London plus a set of 10 labels, second series, depicting views of England, A/C 40
DJ19/4 Britannia Match Ltd labels.  Numbered set of 100 British ships, P&O past and present, first series, A/C 45, Austrian Matches.  Some with damage
DJ19/5 Britannia Match Ltd labels.  Numbered set of 14 London scenes.  Made in USSR, A/C 40.  Plus 2 incomplete numbered sets made in Austria A/C 45 and Yugoslavia A/C 48, same scenes, some with damage, colour variation?
DJ19/6 Cornish Match Co Ltd.  Cornish wrecks 3D.  Complete set of 20 box and 20 packet labels
DJ19/7 Cornish Match Co Ltd., Wessex Taverns.  Set of 18 labels. A/C 48 Finnish Aspen Sticks
DJ19/8 Set of 60 VIVO “Sprookies-Lucifers” labels plus one packet label
DJ19/9 Set of 60 VEGE red background labels, veteran cars
DJ19/10 German Railroad labels, Factory no 103.  Numbers 1-16.  Mint
DJ19/11 Set of 15 labels, Inn signs, issued 1957.  Some doubles, some with damage.  Plus reverse 16-30 with 4 missing
DJ19/12 Set o 8 German EDEKA labels.  Minden-Osnabruck, Factory No. 19
DJ19/13   Set of 20 DRAVA labels, vintage cars, red background.  Mint
DJ19/14 Set of 12 labels, SRV Milk Carts
DJ19/15 Set of 20 DRAVA Osuek labels, animals/birds
DJ19/16 Set of 60 Cornish Match labels – nursery rhymes, A/V 22 sticks. Made in Austria.  Mint
DJ19/17 Set of 12 mint “Scenes of England” labels, A/C 40.  Made in Belgium
DJ19/18 Set of 12 mint labels “Canadian Territories”.  No country of origin or distributor specified
DJ19/19 200 Swedish labels, mint.  Various manufacturers
DJ19/20 Set of 20 Dutch mint labels.  Subject: Events and places for Eurotrip, with one clean used packet label
DJ19/21 Set of 60 Dutch mint labels.  Subject: Flags for A&O, with 2 clean used packet labels (1-30 and 31-60)
DJ19/22 Set of 25 mint Belgian flag labels for Rizler
DJ19/23  Italian mint labels, Folk Lore scenes issued 1956.  A/C 45 sticks.  The last set (set 11) of 6
DJ19/24 Set of 12 Bichos Portugese labels, C.I. Comercio E Industria, A/C 40 – mint
DJ19/25 Mint Australian Federal labels.  First set (9) – City Crests issued 1961/62
DJ19/26 West German mint labels. Set of 8 Hanse, red and blue (19), Set of 15 Rheika, buildings and monuments (8) and set of 20 Berliner Morgenpost, views (26)
DJ19/27 Cornish Match label sets.  Set of 4, Lands End (A/C 40), Set of 10 World Cup Spain 1982 (A/C 48), mint and set of 18 Great British Cars (A/C 48), mint

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