Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ17

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Lot No. Description
DJ17/1 3 sets of Russian labels – Views of Minsk (18), Industry (16), various topics (16).  Contact for further details
DJ17/2 4 sets of Russian labels – Circus (16), Animals (18), Mythology (16), Colourful (16).  Contact for further details
DJ17/3 8 ARTB labels (British made matches).  Different Co-operative Societies – mint
DJ17/4 Labels – 1 packet, 1 half packet and 7 box: Binzagr Co., Jeddah.  Specially made
DJ17/5 ARTB’s – Duncan’s 60’s safety matches. Made in Australia. AC60 – sayings – mint
DJ17/6 Dutch Grosco Lucifers.  20 box labels and one packet label
DJ17/7 Dutch Vege box labels – musical instruments 1-60.  No packet label issued.  Some with damage
DJ17/8 Eddy Match Co Ltd, Canada.  Set of 5 “N” size book match covers – girlies.  Mundy’s Hotel and Motel.  Some with damage
DJ17/9 ARTB’s – 61 drink related and 34 mixed.  Various manufacturers
DJ17/10 12 matchbox labels depicting areas of Jersey, mailboat
DJ17/11 4 The Lion Match Company Ltd dozen size labels
DJ17/12 3 Skillets – one map of Channel Islands (Swedish) and 2 views of Jersey made in Spain.  AC40
DJ17/13   1 gross label of Gorey Castle, slight tear, and 4 dozen size labels (flag, mail boats x 2, castle)
DJ17/14 Duchy Match Co labels – mint sets:  British Birds (18), West Country Views (12), Butterflies and Moths (18)
DJ17/15 The Cornish Match Co. mint sets of labels: Cats (18), Dog breeds (18), Endangered Animals of the World (18)
DJ17/16 Mint sets of labels, no distributor specified: Birds of Prey (10), Wild Life Series (15), Pheasants and Partridges (18)
DJ17/17 Set of 24 Swiss scenes (AC40 safety matches).  Made in Switzerland, not mint
DJ17/18 Set of 20 mint labels – birds and animals from Drava (Yugoslavia)
DJ17/19 Conquest Match Company, 25 box labels – hotels and public houses.  Slight damage to 2
DJ17/20 Schelpen Lucimix lucifers labels, serie 1-10 (shells) plus one packet label with damage – Dutch
DJ17/21 Hema Lucifers labels, serie 1-20 (various sports) plus one packet label – Dutch
DJ17/22 German set of 40 box labels, Factory No. 19.  All labels depict a rabbit with German text – Holzer.   Please contact if required
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ16 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ17
DJ16/1 Set of 12 mint labels.  Portugal, Sociedade National Lisboa, Ladies Regional Dress – Blue
DJ16/8 SOLO Austrian views (different to lot DJ16/6).  Oberosterreich numbered set of 20 box labels
DJ16/9 14 Swiss scenes labels, AC 40, Safety matches
DJ16/13 12 plus one Antwerp Judo Club labels.  Safety Matches made in Belgium
DJ16/16 Set of 5 Conquest Match Company, Dorset, labels depicting Highland Wildlife Park.  Irish matches
DJ16/17 Set of 5 Conquest Match Company, Dorset, labels depicting John O’Groats.  2 labels 50mm x 34mm and 3 labels 32mm x 47mm.  Irish matches
DJ16/27 33 Czech labels.  National culture
DJ16/31 Set of 12 German Area Crests labels, Factory No. 3 – mint

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