Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ13

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Lot No. Description
DJ13/1 Mint set of 20 plus 4 pkt labels – Switzerland.  Various methods of transport.  Factory ZK
DJ13/2 Mint set of 20 SOLO Coronica labels.  Austria-Zunder.  Views of Oberosterreich
DJ13/3 Set of 36 Foyle Match Londonderry labels.  The Beauty of Ulster, Av 45
DJ13/4 Mint set of 96, plus pkt, labels. West Germany, Factory 19.  Town and regional crests for Himmelreich
DJ13/5 Used set of 9, plus pkt, labels. Belgium, Het Belfort, Airlines of SABENA Airline 1923 to 1963.  Slight damage to one label
DJ13/6 8 older good used labels.  Made in Belgium A/c 50 (unless stated).  Easilight, Evanco, Little Boy Blue (43), Mail, Rocking Horse, Sowing Maid, The Vindictive Match (45), Woodman
DJ13/7 Used dozen labels, CAMP made in Belgium, A/c 50.  Camp fire scene and A/c 48 2½d, tent with tree in field – complete but a little frayed
DJ13/8 Three mint Swedish labels.  The Sheik, Vulcan Match Factory – dozen, box and vest pocket size
DJ13/9 The Rifleman label, unused, dozen and box sizes.  Black, red and green on buff paper from the Sirius Factory, Sweden
DJ13/10 The Challenger label, unused, dozen and box sizes.  Red on buff paper from the Forenade Svenska Factory, Sweden
DJ13/11 4 Eddy Match matchbook flats – Birds (2 strikers missing). Overall size 33mm x 113mm
DJ13/12 20 Upec labels.  Various topics A/c 48.  West German. Slight damage to one
DJ13/13   Set 12 of Finnish Porin Films labels.  9 labels.   A/c 50
DJ13/14 10 Portuguese Quinas P advertising labels.  A/c 40
DJ13/15 10 labels, Brussels scenes.  Numbers 11-20 – blue paper
DJ13/16 28 Major Bryant & May matchbook covers – Hotels
DJ13/17 “Man of War”, Mauritius Match Factory Co. Ltd.  One box and one pkt label.  Damage to box label
DJ13/18 5 Fosforera Canariense S.A. Las Palmas ARTB labels
DJ13/19 12 different Indian packet labels
DJ13/20 9 box labels from Ceylon, various factories. 3 damaged
DJ13/21 40 Diamond Match bookmatch covers. Size 33mm x 112mm.  Front and back strikers (no matches)
DJ13/22 40 Universal Matchorama Aristocrat bookmatch covers.  Size 50mm x 113mm.  Mainly front strikers
DJ13/23  40 Universal “The Aristocrat” bookmatch covers.  Size 50mm x 113mm.  Front and back strikers
DJ13/24 8 Royal Flash and 22other various bookmatch covers – Universal.  76mm x 113mm (Sovereign size)
DJ13/25 40 Universal bookmatch covers.  Size 38mm x 113mm.  Front and back strikers
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ12 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ13
DJ12/8 36 Dutch Carnaval 1962 labels (part of a 40 set)
DJ12/12 Skillets: 6 Bryant & May, 5 B&M The Souvenir Match (thinned), 5 Rizla with coloured pictures plus 1 (Cord Matches), 3 various skillets (one thinned)
DJ12/19 Czech labels for Saudi Arabia, 9 packet and 14 box labels, mint

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