Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ11

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Lot No. Description
DJ11/1 10 labels, Iran views – safety match.  36mm x 50mm
DJ11/2 16 labels and one packet label, Hungary Folk Costumes.  35mm x 50mm
DJ11/3 10 labels and one packet label, A & O Lucifers,  European flags.  35mm x 50mm
DJ11/4 12 labels, Portugal Bichos P Sagres Red Cat 260-271.  35mm x 47mm
DJ11/5 42 Australian Federal labels, formally introducing Decimal Currency
DJ11/6 20 Bouldens Whitbread Inns labels – mint
DJ11/7 14 used labels.  35mm x 55mm.  American: Diamond, Americans Own, Commonwealth Safety Match.  Some damage
DJ11/8 3 sets of 2 Hungarian used labels – late 1950’s.  Some damage.  Contact for details. 37mm x 50mm
DJ11/9 2 sets of 15 each Hungarian labels.  Different green backgrounds. Coal mining. 35mm x 50mm
DJ11/10 2 sets of 11 each Hungarian labels.  Different from above. Contact for details
DJ11/11 1 set of 12 Hungarian labels.  Green background (trees). Contact for details
DJ11/12 1 set of 10 Hungarian labels.  Match production.   Contact for details
DJ11/13   40 Bryant & May bookmatches, small size.  20 strike without matches
DJ11/14 30 Bryant & May bookmatches, 40 strike, sovereign size without matches
DJ11/15 Celluloid match grip “Lord Kitchener”, Roll of Honour Day 7th November 1916
DJ11/16 40 Eddy Match Company Ltd bookmatches, 20/30 strike without matches
DJ11/17 Brass disk match holder as illustrated in MLN 416 pg 14. Slight variation on decoration, good condition. Reserve price £25, weight approx 220gm.  Item will come direct from seller
DJ11/18 Tin plate disk match holder as illustrated in MLN 414 pg 21.  Good condition.  Reserve price £25, weight approx 120gm.  Item will come direct from seller
DJ11/19 100 ARTB labels, Breweries and beers, mint condition, slight colour variations
DJ11/20 6 labels depicting Jersey, dozen size (4 were affixed to bubble packaging) plus 16 depicting Jersey labels.  Views includes castles, mail boats, venues and flag.  Contact for details if required
DJ11/21 Used set of 30 Belgium, Rizla+ labels,  Veteran Cars.  Pictures as for DJ10/1 but with French and Flemish titles
DJ11/22 Dutch labels.  Molen Lucifers – Windmills.  Numbers 91-110 plus 2 PK labels one with slight crinkling
DJ11/23  Mint set of 15 Belgium labels.  Fort Animal series, Set 8 – Animals and Chickens
DJ11/24 Used set of 10 labels from SOLO Matches, London – Pictorial Series No. 2 plus 1 packet label
DJ11/25 Mint set of 20 labels plus 4 packet labels.  Switzerland Factory ZK – Large Wild Animals
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ10 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ11
DJ10/15 Cornish Match Co. World Cup Spain 1982 labels numbers 5-10 of a series of 10. Av 48. Plus a B&M bookmatch cover made in Canada
DJ10/17 Skillets – Spanish bullfighter no. 2 plus bullfighting 7, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30 (some doubles). Av 40 Fosforos Labor No. 3.  Made In Spain 
DJ10/19 Orebro Match Factory Sweden, half gross label, picture of lion on plinth, Tejder cat no. 73
DJ10/21 One mint set of “Zodiac signs” back and front labels  – from Jonkoping Match Factory, Sweden

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