Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ13

This Auction closed on 31st August 2021.

Postal Auction DJ14 will commence with the October 2021 magazine, but until then we will leave the DJ13 catalogue below for information.

Lot No. Description
DJ13/1 Mint set of 20 plus 4 pkt labels – Switzerland.  Various methods of transport.  Factory ZK
DJ13/2 Mint set of 20 SOLO Coronica labels.  Austria-Zunder.  Views of Oberosterreich
DJ13/3 Set of 36 Foyle Match Londonderry labels.  The Beauty of Ulster, Av 45
DJ13/4 Mint set of 96, plus pkt, labels. West Germany, Factory 19.  Town and regional crests for Himmelreich
DJ13/5 Used set of 9, plus pkt, labels. Belgium, Het Belfort, Airlines of SABENA Airline 1923 to 1963.  Slight damage to one label
DJ13/6 8 older good used labels.  Made in Belgium A/c 50 (unless stated).  Easilight, Evanco, Little Boy Blue (43), Mail, Rocking Horse, Sowing Maid, The Vindictive Match (45), Woodman
DJ13/7 Used dozen labels, CAMP made in Belgium, A/c 50.  Camp fire scene and A/c 48 2½d, tent with tree in field – complete but a little frayed
DJ13/8 Three mint Swedish labels.  The Sheik, Vulcan Match Factory – dozen, box and vest pocket size
DJ13/9 The Rifleman label, unused, dozen and box sizes.  Black, red and green on buff paper from the Sirius Factory, Sweden
DJ13/10 The Challenger label, unused, dozen and box sizes.  Red on buff paper from the Forenade Svenska Factory, Sweden
DJ13/11 4 Eddy Match matchbook flats – Birds (2 strikers missing). Overall size 33mm x 113mm
DJ13/12 20 Upec labels.  Various topics A/c 48.  West German. Slight damage to one
DJ13/13   Set 12 of Finnish Porin Films labels.  9 labels.   A/c 50
DJ13/14 10 Portuguese Quinas P advertising labels.  A/c 40
DJ13/15 10 labels, Brussels scenes.  Numbers 11-20 – blue paper
DJ13/16 28 Major Bryant & May matchbook covers – Hotels
DJ13/17 “Man of War”, Mauritius Match Factory Co. Ltd.  One box and one pkt label.  Damage to box label
DJ13/18 5 Fosforera Canariense S.A. Las Palmas ARTB labels
DJ13/19 12 different Indian packet labels
DJ13/20 9 box labels from Ceylon, various factories. 3 damaged
DJ13/21 40 Diamond Match bookmatch covers. Size 33mm x 112mm.  Front and back strikers (no matches)
DJ13/22 40 Universal Matchorama Aristocrat bookmatch covers.  Size 50mm x 113mm.  Mainly front strikers
DJ13/23  40 Universal “The Aristocrat” bookmatch covers.  Size 50mm x 113mm.  Front and back strikers
DJ13/24 8 Royal Flash and 22other various bookmatch covers – Universal.  76mm x 113mm (Sovereign size)
DJ13/25 40 Universal bookmatch covers.  Size 38mm x 113mm.  Front and back strikers
  Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ12 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ13
DJ12/8 36 Dutch Carnaval 1962 labels (part of a 40 set)
DJ12/12 Skillets: 6 Bryant & May, 5 B&M The Souvenir Match (thinned), 5 Rizla with coloured pictures plus 1 (Cord Matches), 3 various skillets (one thinned)
DJ12/19 Czech labels for Saudi Arabia, 9 packet and 14 box labels, mint

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