Meeting Auction Catalogue : April 2022

This Auction was held on 10th April 2022.

The next Auction will be held at our Society Meeting on 9th October, and the catalogue will be published with our August magazine, but until then we will leave the April Catalogue here for information.

Lot No. Description
APR 22/1 Album of 50 complete sets c1100 mint labels from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Latvia, Russia etc (Sport, Transport, Military, Space, Buildings, etc)
APR 22/2 Album of 355 different British Steam Locomotive skillets
APR 22/3 1000 labels on wood
APR 22/4 21 Tent Shaped matchboxes (inc 2 duplicates)
APR 22/5 Old GB Matchbox The True Blue Match from Seanor and Sons. (Sailor)
APR 22/6 700+ Worldwide advertising skillets
APR 22/7 Egypt- 600+ Booklets, labels, boxes, skillets (some duplication)
APR 22/8 Album of 1100+ labels and packets of British Beers and Breweries
APR 22/9 Stockbook of 150 Danish & 470 Finnish labels (some duplication)
APR 22/10 2 Albums of Booklets (1of 166 Tyres and 1of 254 Carpets, Fabrics, Materials, etc)
APR 22/11 Midland Match News full run of 1-41 magazines. 1.181 kgs without packaging
APR 22/12 British Inns Executive Match 480 labels (minor duplication)
APR 22/13 41 GB UMI ARTBs mint inc. Co-op and Breweries
APR 22/14 Belgium for Luxembourg 8 packets and 31 labels
APR 22/15 Belgium 6 Packets and 115+ labels including some pre war issues
APR 22/16 Sweden 49 packets/gross and 40 labels mostly Vulcan Tidaholm issues
APR 22/17 China & Taiwan hundreds of modern mint labels inc. Tin Wah Match Co sets
APR 22/18 8 advertising skillets for Cunard (Japanese) in presentation pack
APR 22/19 20+ US pre war Pullmatches Rare
APR 22/20 20+ GB Pullmatches Mylady types mostly
APR 22/21 Large Box of Swan Vestas pre war with 2 compartments of matches
APR 22/22 Bag of about 40 unusual shaped mostly Foreign Bookmatches
APR 22/23 Album of British Made Matchmakers International Foil Printed Matchbooks.c450
APR 22/24      Ditto, but different
APR 22/25      Ditto, but different
APR 22/26      Ditto, but different
APR 22/27      Ditto, but different
APR 22/28      Ditto, but different
APR 22/29      Ditto, but different
APR 22/30      Ditto, but different
APR 22/31      Ditto, but different
APR 22/32      Ditto, but different
APR 22/33 2 Albums of Transport labels & Covers (mainly) 300+
APR 22/34 1000+ Worldwide Boxes and Skillets
APR 22/35 The Matchmakers’ Story of Bryant & May by Patrick Beaver
APR 22/36 6 Albums of GB and European labels
APR 22/37 750 UPEC & 650 Roy Hunt Labels- Pubs and Restaurants
APR 22/38 Bag of 5000-10000 Worldwide labels
APR 22/39 Album of Transport and Tobacco items
APR 22/40 Album of Imperial and Matchmaker Skillets
APR 22/41 Album of 600+ labels c1950s/60s & E.H.W. Matchbox Label News 14,15,18
APR 22/42 400 Worldwide Skillets
APR 22/43      Ditto, but different
APR 22/44 Bag of 500 Worldwide Bookmatches
APR 22/45 34 old Russian export labels mostly to UK c1900s-30s
APR 22/46 30+ Old GB labels, Artbs and panels Late c1880s to 1930s. Various factories
APR 22/47 55 Old Japanese labels c1890s-1930s some well used mainly for export
APR 22/48 Printing Block for The Hulme Patent Advertising Match Co Ltd c1900-20s
APR 22/49 Album of 400+ Chinese Skillets
APR 22/50 Album of 450+ US Bookmatches some early ones included
APR 22/51 Album of 1500+ USSR home use labels Red Star and Revput factories including many complete sets
APR 22/52 Album of 700+ Czech export labels & skillets Q-Z. Some pre war issues
APR 22/53 Album of  330+ J J Masters GB and Sweden labels, skillets and ephemera
APR 22/54 Folder of 150+ labels and 220+ skillets from France
APR 22/55 4000+ Worldwide labels including many complete sets
APR 22/56 Album of Moreland Skillets
APR 22/57 Album of 2 Spanish Insert sets: Set 6 (75) and Set Especial (80)
APR 22/58 Album of Match related cuttings from 1930s before the BML&BS was formed
APR 22/59 Album of c700 Czech Boulden labels
APR 22/60       Ditto, but different
APR 22/61 Album of labels from Austria, China, Germany and Hungary
APR 22/62 Album of labels from Belgium, India, USSR and Yugoslavia
APR 22/63 Album of 140 Advertising Skillets from Universal Match, USA
APR 22/64 Album of 546 different Imperial Match Skillets
APR 22/65 Riesa East Germany 25 skillets and packet labels
APR 22/66 Stockbook of Hungary export labels 275 box and 90 packet labels
APR 22/67 Premier Match 127 skillets UK advertising
APR 22/68 Album of 326 Turkey skillets home and export
APR 22/69 India 60+ Packet labels
APR 22/70 Stockbook of 1074 labels British Inns by Executive Match
APR 22/71 Indonesia- 376 skillets, wrappers, gross, etc
APR 22/72 Finland- Stockbook of 932 Tukkukauppojen Oy home market box labels
APR 22/73 Maguire, Paterson & Palmer Ltd Liverpool-The Pilot-5 ARTBs (2 have 1 flap missing) + 2 panels
APR 22/74 Hargreaves & Clegg Ltd -6 panels “British/Impregnated Matches” + 1 Royal Pine Vestas
APR 22/75 2 “Fake” labels Walkers Friction Matches facsimile + Sweeneys Lucifer Matches + John Lukers’ comments
APR 22/76 Belgium P-R 151 singles & panels, 5 Artbs, 1 Pilltop,13 packets & 1 gross labels
APR 22/77 Australia (1/3) Bryant& May Crown 7 WW2 slogans av.60 & 3 sets of 8 Prevent Fire av60&50
APR 22/78 Album of 550+ Spanish labels and skillets
APR 22/79 Album of 850+ Foreign Made T-Z labels, skillets, packets and tourist sets issues
APR 22/80 Album of 900+ UK companies I-P labels and skillets Imperial to Premier
APR 22/81 Album of 590+ German labels & skillets East and West (with a few Saar)
APR 22/82 Album of 300+ Bryant & May Bookmatches
APR 22/83 3 UPEC folders (numbers 11409-22812) c11000 labels
APR 22/84 2 Holland folders c3200 labels
APR 22/85 Belgium folder c1100 labels
APR 22/86 Bag of c5000 mixed labels
APR 22/87 Box of c4500 mixed labels
APR 22/88 Album of c500 labels 1960s/70s- Belgium, FM, India, British etc.
APR 22/89 Assortment c300 1960s/70s labels, skillets and boxes (lots to soak off)
APR 22/90 200 Travel related Bookmatches- Shipping, Rail, Airlines, etc.
APR 22/91 400 Bryant & May Matchbook Covers including some pre-war
APR 22/92 A bag of Matchboxes and mostly Bookmatches (mainly USA and GB) 1960s-80s
APR 22/93 Book- Matchbox Labels of the World by Cruse (1946)
APR 22/94 Dutch Molen sets- complete series of Windmills, Road Safety, Products sets
APR 22/95 Hundreds of Finnish labels- Home Use, advertising, films & a good selection of pre war exports
APR 22/96 Hundreds of Belgian labels and packets inc. 3 Torches, Panda, Forts sets etc
APR 22/97 Hundreds of Dutch labels including many unusual scarce sets

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