Meeting Auction Catalogue : April 2023

This Auction will be held at our Society Meeting on 16th April.

Auction Catalogue

Bids to be received by 1st April 2023, and can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS – click here to join.
To bid on-line click here. For a printable catalogue and bid form click on the PDF icon.

Lot No. Description
APR 23/1 Stock album of 103 labels and 37 packets mainly mint from Sweden Sirius Factory
APR 23/2 Album – 695 Swiss Booklets in 49 sets
APR 23/3 Album – 251 Canadian booklets featuring TV & Radio
APR 23/4 Album – 396 Canadian booklets featuring cars
APR 23/5 Album – 600+ Canadian booklets mainly in sets
APR 23/6 Album – Dutch Molen Lucifer Windmill labels 35 sets
APR 23/7 Bryant & May Martini N size Booklets 172 different good clean pieces
APR 23/8 Egypt Match Co and Nile Match Co total 82 items Booklets, skillets, wrappers, Wholesale price list, sale leaflets, etc.
APR 23/9 Canadian Booklets all good different 1600 advertising and 170 Canadian Pacific
APR 23/10 Australia complete sets folder of 28 different and 28 duplicate sets
APR 23/11 Tetley Pub boxes 8 sets of 24 complete unstruck empty
APR 23/12 Folder of Bryant & May Match and non match promotional material 1980s-1990s
APR 23/13 Album of Match Corp, Maryland, Patent, D B Bean, Superior, Union Booklets
APR 23/14 2 Albums of Diamond Match Bookmatches
APR 23/15 Album of Sheraton hotel Bookmatches
APR 23/16 Folder of skillets and full matchboxes
APR 23/17 Bag of long Bookmatches and Printers Sheets
APR 23/18 Booklets many hundreds mostly US 1960s/1970s various factories banks, hotels etc.
APR 23/19 2 catalogues Solstickan 60 years Jubileum and Dutch sets 1945-1991 + a few skillets and boxes
APR 23/20 Huge amount of modern Chinese sets many hundreds if not thousands of labels
APR 23/21 Thousands of Worldwide labels and packets: Belgian, Dutch, German, Poland, Israel, Russia, India, Finland, Far East, etc. (no Swedish)
APR 23/22 Many hundreds of Old Swedish labels and packets including sets from Anneberg, Jonkoping, etc some duplication
APR 23/23 4000+ Worldwide labels including many sets
APR 23/24 Album of 1000 Czech Boulden labels
APR 23/25 Album of about 100 Old GB labels
APR 23/26 Selection of 108 Executive Match co labels
APR 23/27 Selection of advertising literature Bouldens and Spero
APR 23/28 Album of labels – China, Hong Kong & Macau, India, Japan, Malaya, Thailand
APR 23/29 Bryant & May “Robbie Burns” Packet Label 68×110 mm
APR 23/30 Belgium: English written A&B 231 labels, 4 ARTBs, 25 packets, 1 gross + Van der Plank – Grammont catalogue
APR 23/31 Belgium English speaking C&D: 252 singles, 1 packet and 1 Gross labels
APR 23/32 GB Anglia Match – 48 different single labels
APR 23/33 Old GB 15 singles, ARTBS and Panels: J H Hunt, Octavius Hunt, Moreland, Morgan, Midland, Martin Harris, Bryant & May
APR 23/34 Album of Sovereign and Shaped Bookmatches
APR 23/35 Album of French hotel Bookmatches
APR 23/36 Album of Medical related Bookmatches
APR 23/37 Album of British Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels Bookmatches
APR 23/38 Album of Bookmatches for London Eateries
APR 23/39 5,000-10,000 Worldwide labels
APR 23/40 6 albums of GB and European labels
APR 23/41 1000+ GB  and European skillets
APR 23/42 Large box of about 1000 matchboxes
APR 23/43 3 albums of British Bookmatches
APR 23/44 Russia Presentation Set 16+1 Cargo Ships and Ports? (Empty Boxes)
APR 23/45 India Wimco 200+ labels, packets and skillets. Many pre-war and wartime
APR 23/46 Portugal 238 labels and skillets, singles (some pre-war), sets and part sets
APR 23/47 Album of Japan post war labels, artbs and skillets including many sets
APR 23/48 Album 100+ “Foreign Made” Boulden labels 1969-1971
APR 23/49 34 ZOR UK Skillets including Strikes
APR 23/50 Venture Matches of Lancashire: Skillets and Bookmatches: Transport, Tourism
APR 23/51 Wiltshire Match Belgian labels set of 100 Models + packet labels + photo cards
APR 23/52 Wiltshire Match sets: Royal Wedding both series, British Insects, Boys Brigade, Minnie Mills (labels on skillet base)+ ephemera, price lists etc.
APR 23/53 Wessex Match skillets including Natural Trust and Vernon Match: 2 sets of 6 labels “Rainhill Trials” set and “Rainhill Trails” set (one set incorrectly spelt)
APR 23/54 Album of French Skillets 100+
APR 23/55 Album of French labels about 200
APR 23/56 Large Mersey Match Wrapper
APR 23/57 Album of alcoholic related skillets 100+
APR 23/58 Album of alcoholic related Bookmatches
  The following Lots did not appear in the April MLN because they arrived after the copy date
APR 23/59 Ring binder of mostly mint labels, collected in early 1960’s by Mr J BALCHIN of Guildford (BML&BS 2104). Countries : Australia, Afghanistan, China, Tin Wah Match, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Macao, Siam, South Africa, Trinidad, USA, Zambia added 21st Feb
APR 23/60 Ring binder of mostly mint labels, collected in early 1960’s. Countries : Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, Sweden, USSR, Foreign Made added 21st Feb
APR 23/61 Ring binder of mostly mint labels, collected in early 1960’s. Countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, England added 21st Feb
APR 23/62 An 8-page hand-printed leaflet about Singapore Match Industry, written in 1963 by Mrs L E FENTON of Singapore (BML&BS 2140) which contains 12 mint labels added 21st Feb
APR 23/63 A large lucky-dip carboard box half-full full of labels, some partially sorted into countries, plus a few whole boxes and bookmatches, collected in early 1960’s added 21st Feb
APR 23/64 Stock book approximately 650 labels, various countries added 25th Feb
APR 23/65 Stock book approximately 560 labels, various countries added 25th Feb
APR 23/66 Stock book approximately 340 labels, mostly foreign made, some countries added 25th Feb
APR 23/67 Selection of various boxes and skillets, some labels added 25th Feb
APR 23/68 Selection of bookmatches, different countries and sizes, Ex long inc added 25th Feb
APR 23/69 A bag of 330+ Worldwide skillets and panels added 4th March
APR 23/70 Selection of unopened novelty boxes and bookmatches + Yorkshire Matchcover Collectors Society letters including one from Buckingham Palace to Roy Hunt added 4th March
APR 23/71 700+ Worldwide (but mostly B&M) bookmatches in album and bag added 4th March
APR 23/72 Many hundreds of labels & completes boxes & skillets Worldwide in album and bag added 4th March
APR 23/73 Portugal, ten different complete sets of bookmatch flats, 1960’s and 70s added 7th March
APR 23/74 Three different Japanese War Propaganda labels added 7th March

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