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MLN COVER No. 446 August 2021
MAGAZINE COVER No. 446 August 2021

Match Label News August 2021

posted to members on the 27th July

In this 40 page issue :

Front Cover:  Bryant & May’s Ark Brand

Phillonex – Swiss Match Museum on-line Exhibition


Honorary Society Officials

The Society Bookshop

In the news 50 years ago

How much did a box of matches cost in 1944?

Kenya – East African Matchboxes    

Figural Cast Match Holders

The Proposed Match Tax of 1871 – Part II

British Pullmatch Holder     

Brandbox Twenty – Swallow + Union Match

‘Grill Time!’ Firestarter – update      

Aldi – Barbeque Scenes – Belgium     

Ivory Coast – Alphabet

Boni selection Firelighters


Swallow brand 8303 Firelighters

Grip Catalogue – update  

Sierra Leone


Matches, Flammable Solids – labels

Mystery Yugoslavian costume labels

GSD – Dhiman Enterprises Ltd.                

Swan Safety Matches 8152

Bar-Be-Quick 30 Year Safety Matchbox

Social History – Mr. S.H. Toole    

The Forgotten Match Factories of Bengal

Word Find Puzzle – Answers

July 2021 On-line Auction – Results

Dates for your diary

Society On-line Exhibition                            

Back Cover: Swedish Match Code 7984 and 7983




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