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MLN COVER No. 444 April 2021

Match Label News April 2021

posted to members on the 27th March

In this 40 page issue :

Front Cover:  In the news ….. 150 years ago

In Review – Harlequin Matches – Third Edition


Honorary Society Officials

Swedish Match Box Sizes

Some Historical Notes on Red Phosphorus

Rothman’s of Pall Mall

The Red Lion – Bryant & May    

Iceland – Part II    

La Llama    

Ibson brand labels

Swedish design that was never used 

Newspaper cuttings

Pullmatches Part IV 

St. George for England 

Portuguese export boxes and labels 1936 – 1939

Ireland – Latest Issues

The Proposed Match Tax of 1871 – Part I

Swedish Match Annual Reports

AGM Agenda

Draft Minutes of AGM held on 14th April 2019

Dates for your diary

On-line Auctions – Dates for your diary

March 2021 On-line Auction – Results

Belgium – Union Match    

Back Cover: Union Match 7973 / 7979 / 7981   











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