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MLN 463 June 2024 Front Cover
MLN 463 June 2024 Front Cover

Match Label News June 2024

posted to members on the 5th June

In this 40 page issue :

Front Cover: “Our Match” Swedish Paraffine Parlor matches

In Review – “SOLO” vídeň a.s. 1904-1918 Export

Society Rule Changes       


Honorary Society Officials

Tylor & Pace’s Cazeline Matches

The Philippines      

Belgium – latest at Aldi

John Walker Exhibition Planning

Netherlands – latest at Aldi

BCB Survival Matches       

Cigar & Pipe Matches       

Sarawak Match Factory Labels

Book Review : The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Third APF On-Line Exhibition

German matchbox with candle 

John Bull’s Safety Matches

“Our Match”             

Mexico – currently on sale       

Made in the Philippines – Fuego  


Mexico, Honduras and Peru – currently on sale       

Diamond Brand for the USA

Caballo Rojo – currently on sale       

India – Wimco Presentation Set

Folk Toys of India       

Give us a clue – additional information


Dolac match stick company   

Yugoslavia information for collectors 


Pacific Match Factory

On-line Exhibition 1st to 31st October 2024

AGM Report          

Draft Minutes of this year’s AGM

Dates for your diary

Auction Results from the April Meeting

Back Cover: Tordenskjold pipetændstikker – 7939

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