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Thanks to Tom O’Key the Society has now joined Facebook.

Tom has set up for us two Facebook Groups’ :

  1. British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society” is intended as a general Group for those interested in the hobby of phillumeny. Anyone wishing to join this Group does not need to be a member of the Society.
  2. BML&BS” is for Society members only, and to join this Group members need to supply their BML&BS membership number.

Facebook Groups are designed for people to connect with each other around a common  interest or topic. They are a place where people can have discussions, ask questions, and share information, including pictures and videos, and ideas.

To participate in these Facebook Groups you would have to be registered with Facebook. Both these groups are registered as private with only members of the group being able to see who is in the group and what they post, although, the group itself is visible to anyone so that they can find this group. Anyone seeking to join either group will be required to abide by the Group rules.

To find either Group log into your Facebook account and use the Facebook search (top left of any page on Facebook) by typing the Group title, and choose what you are looking for from the results:

  1. British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society
  2. BML&BS

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