On-line Phillumeny Exhibition : October 2022

This year we will hold our second On-line Exhibition, and our members have contributed over 30 fascinating Exhibits from across the world. Since the Bangladesh club ran the first On-line Exhibition in 2021 these on-line events have become increasingly popular, and we were very pleased with our own show in October 2021 (reviewed in December 2021 MLN). Three Exhibits won awards last year, and these can be viewed in the Permanent Gallery on our web site.

Once again we are joining forces with the ‘North Western Phillumenists’ and ‘West & Midlands Phillumenists’ clubs and want to encourage members who perhaps have never exhibited before to get involved. Here are the key details:

  • When is it? The Exhibition will run from 1st October to 31st October 2022.
  • What is it? The Exhibition will be a collection of phillumeny Exhibits which are held in a dedicated part of our web site. There will be an (on-line) Exhibition Catalogue, a Visitor Book, and Awards. We will run weekly guided tours (using Zoom), and there will be opportunities to talk with the Exhibitors.
  • What does an Exhibit look like? Each Exhibit will consist of up to 10 images (minimum 300 dpi) together with a title, a description of the Exhibit and a biography of the Exhibitor. Your photographs should be all portrait or all landscape, not a mixture.
  • Who can Exhibit? The Exhibition is open to all Society and affiliate members. The Organising Committee will review all submissions in order to curate a balanced, visually-attractive and enjoyable Exhibition. Exhibits need to be in English, but we are also very happy to have dual-language exhibits.
  • Is there a closing date for submitting Exhibits? Yes, 1st September 2022.
  • Is there a theme? No. Exhibits must be of phillumenistic material, but can be on any topic.
  • Is this a temporary Exhibition? Yes, it will close on 31st October 2022, but we intend to include the Award winning exhibits in a Permanent Gallery on our web site.
  • How will it be advertised? We will use the magazine, web site and Instagram to advertise the Exhibition and encourage members to use their personal networks to spread the word.

So what do I need to do now?

  • Put 1st October in your diary and get ready to visit our superb Exhibition.

We believe that this On-line Exhibition will be popular with our members, and also hope that it will attract new members to the Society. Please send any questions or suggestions to onlineexhibition@phillumeny.com

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