On-line Phillumeny Exhibition – Exhibiting entry form

If you would like to enter an Exhibit in our On-line Phillumeny Exhibition please send us the details using the form below or use this paper form.  

Only members of the BML&BS and affiliate members (such as those that belong to the ‘North Western Phillumenists’ and ‘West & Midlands Phillumenists’ clubs) may submit Exhibits. Non-members are not allowed to Exhibit.

By submitting this Form you agree that if your exhibit is accepted for display that your name and biography can be displayed along with your exhibit. Your address and other sensitive details will not be displayed and once the exhibition is completed will be digitally deleted.

If you have any questions about our On-line Exhibition please email onlineexhibition@phillumeny.com 

Choose one, or leave blank
The Exhbition is only open to members of the Society
Please note that your name and biography will be displayed on our web site during the Exhibition. Please also attach a photo of yourself
Please select all options that apply
If "yes" please use the Comments field below to specify which language
Maximum 10. The Exhibit photos should be all portrait or all landscape
Videos should be less than 180 seconds

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