Maguires in the Liverpool Match Industry


J T Maguire starts work at Martindales in Liverpool

About 1870

J T Maguire partner in Collard, Kendall & Co, which took over Martindales at this time

Figure 1 Three brands introduced by Collard's

February 1895

Collard, Kendall & Co taken over by the Diamond Match Company of America.

June 1896

New Diamond factory opens with J T Maguire as manager. The story of this factory is told as

Diamond Match Works Liverpool.


J T Maguire and his four sons – Alexander, David, Richard and Robert leave Diamond Match Co to form Maguire, Miller & Co.


J T Maguire dies soon afterwards.


Speck & Co of Leeds taken over.


Pilot registered as Trade Mark


Factory at Carlton Street

Figure 2 Four examples of Pilot


Factory moved to Lightbody Street.

July 1915

Separate Leeds and Liverpool companies formed.


Company employs 129 workers


Knighthood for Alexander Maguire because of his work on the White Phosphorus Prohibition Act of 1908


Plans for expansion including Canada and Japan; but two brothers die and one retires leaving only Sir Alexander Maguire.


Maguire, Paterson and Palmer formed.

March 1920

R Bell & Co. founded in 1832 join the company


New Liverpool factory built at Garston by F D Huntingdons

Autumn 1921

Production starts

12 February 1923

Maguire, Paterson and Palmer become part of Bryant and May. The story of this factory is detailed as

Bryant and May Mersey Works.


Workman wins the Grand National – owner Sir Alexander Maguire

20 January 1947

Sir Alexander Maguire dies.



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