Meeting Auction Bids

Bids for Meeting Auctions can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS. To become a member click here.

Scroll down for an on-line bid form or use this paper form. The bid steps are: 50p steps up to £10, £1 steps to £25, £5 steps to £100 and £10 steps thereafter. You cannot bid less than £1 and all your bids will be treated as maximum bids.  If you are successful you will only pay one bid step above the next highest bidder.  If you are the only bidder you will only pay the next bid step above half your maximum bid.  For example: if you bid £10 on a lot and are the only bidder for that lot you will pay £5.50.  Please do not send money with your bids.

If any of your bids are successful you will be sent an invoice (via email where an email address is provided) detailing the sum due which will include the postage costs.  Lots you have won will only be sent when payment is received. Additionally, you have an option to pay to insure items in the post. The full Meeting Auction Rules can be found here.

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The bid steps are: 50p steps up to £10, £1 steps to £25, £5 steps to £100 and £10 steps thereafter.

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