Society Spring Meeting 2022

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February 20, 2022 09:00 - 16:00
Sheen Lane Centre
Address: Sheen Lane Centre (Library building), 74 Sheen Lane, East Sheen (near Mortlake), London SW14 8LP
  • February 20th 2022 Sunday. BML&BS Spring Meeting, from 09:00 to 16:00. Auction takes place at 13:30. Admission £2. Trader Tables cost £5 each and must be booked in advance with the Show Organiser. Sheen Lane Centre (Library building), 74 Sheen Lane, East Sheen (near Mortlake), London SW14 8LP. Coronavirus. Sheen Lane Centre re-opened on 6th September 2021 and is complying with the Government's advice on Covid regulations, which now permit us to hold this meeting.
  • Everyone attending this meeting is asked to observe the following Covid guidance, in order to comply with the Risk Assessment.
    1. Notices will be fixed to the outside of the fire door to the car park. and to the door in the lobby advising re symptoms, face covering and hand sanitising.
    2. A supply of spare masks will be available for those who arrive without.
    3. There will be up to 50 attendees, and social distancing will be observed. The age group of attendees means that most will have had two vaccinations, and some will have had a third.
    4. one-way system will be in place, and having the fire door to the car park open will also allow for ventilation.
    5. Sanitizing sprays will be available at both doors and in the toilets.
  • Note that Sheen Lane Centre is now within the Ultra Low Emission Zone, which means that charges apply to vehicles which enter the Zone. Members should check to see if their vehicle will be subject to a charge, by using the following link

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