A splint with a match-head.


A piece of rigid material (splint), such as wood or card, tipped with a pyrotechnic composition that can be ignited by friction. There are many types of match such as Lucifer (an early friction match), Congreve (an early friction match), Vesta (a small size of match usually with a wax stem), Fusee, Vesuvian, Flamer (these have a larger head to provide a longer burn time outdoors in windy or other adverse conditions, these include Storm match, Windproof match, Waterproof match, Bengal match, Incense match, Smoke match.

Match wrapper

A printed paper used to wrap a number of matches.  Such labels are very old and rare.  Most match wrappers contained matches that did not need the special striking surface on a matchbox such as sulphur matches.  Some match wrappers enclosed a piece of striking surface with the matches.  Use the full term match wrapper (rather than just wrapper) to avoid confusion with matchbox wrapperdozen wrapper; or gross wrapper.


The dried chemical mixture on the head of a splint.

Match-head paper

Match-head paper (label)

Match-head paper (label) are a type of Insert. Typically used in Swedish matchboxes. These are small rectangular pieces of paper, usually part printed and part plain, and folded into an “L” shape and placed within “sliding drawer” matchboxes, at one end of the inner and cover the match heads.

Matchbook cover

Matchbook cover

The part of a matchbook that contains bookmatches.  The commonly collected part of a matchbook with bookmatches and staple removed and unfolded flat.

Matchbook holder

The standard term for a device to hold or encase a matchbook whilst allowing its use within the matchbook holder.


Matchbox, complete with its original matche

A term for any type of box that was intended to contain matches and last long enough for the matches to be used. The most common type of matchbox consists of an outerbox and innerbox. See also fliptop, pillbox.

Matchbox holder

The standard term for a device to hold or encase a matchbox whilst allowing its use within the matchbox holder.


A match holder for strike-anywhere matches incorporating a permanent striking surface and designed to be carried safely in a pocket.

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