Archive – On-line Phillumeny Exhibition 2021 – all you need to know

Key details

  • When is it? The Exhibition will run from 1st October to 31st October 2021
  • What is it? The Exhibition will be a collection of phillumeny Exhibits which are held in a dedicated part of this web site. There will be an (on-line) Exhibition Catalogue, a Visitor Book, and Awards. We will run weekly guided tours (using Zoom), and there will be opportunities to talk with the Exhibitors
  • What does an Exhibit look like? Each Exhibit will consist of up to 10 images together with a title, a description of the Exhibit and a biography of the Exhibitor. Here is an example Exhibit. 
  • Is there a closing date for submitting Exhibits? Yes, the closing date was 1st September 2021
  • Is there a theme? Exhibits must be of phillumenistic material, but can be on any topic. Also, we would encourage Exhibits about “why I started collecting”
  • Is this a temporary Exhibition? Yes, it will close on 31st October 2021, but we intend to include the Award winning exhibits in a Permanent Gallery on this web site
  • Does this replace the physical Exhibitions? No, there will still be physical Exhibitions (when circumstances allow) but the On-line Exhibition could become an annual event if members like it
  • How will it be advertised? We will use the magazine, web site and Instagram to advertise the Exhibition and encourage members to use their personal networks to spread the word

How do I take part?

Visit the Society web site during October – everybody is welcome to visit the Exhibition.

Members without internet access can hopefully could use a public-access facility (e.g. a library) to view the Exhibition.

So what do I need to do now?

  • Put the dates in your diary and make sure you visit the Exhibition

We believe that this On-line Exhibition will be popular with our members, and also hope that it will attract new members to the Society. Please send any questions or suggestions to or add your comments to this Blog.

Archive – On-line Phillumeny Exhibition Catalogue 2021

Here is our Exhibition Catalogue. The Exhibits are listed in alphabetical order, click on a link below to access an Exhibit or read an Exhibitor’s biography. An asterisk indicates that the Exhibit is available in dual language.

Enjoy our Exhibition, and we encourage you to sign our Visitor Book and let us know what you think and don’t forget to vote for your favourite Exhibit.

Exhibit Exhibitor Country  
An eclectic mix Phil Stringer United Kingdom
Australian logo series Chris Hime Australia
Australian match industry David Figg Australia
Beating the breeze Phil Stringer United Kingdom
Bengal matches – a colourful story Barry Sturman Australia
British railways Tom Gibbard United Kingdom
Camera quality matchboxes Alan Downer United Kingdom
Cheapies Chris Hime Australia
Chuckmucks Pat Stevens United Kingdom
Early French matchboxes * Stephane Pinaud France
Forty years (and more) on Tom Gibbard United Kingdom
Geest Line Mike Tree United Kingdom
Happy 70th birthday – Miss Redhead Jerry Bell Australia
Hi-no-Yojin (fire prevention in Japan) * Takeshi Yokomizo Japan
Indian tin match adverts Rosemarie van der Plank United Kingdom
Italian imports to Portugal 19th century * Joel Viana de Lemos Portugal
Joe Camel R.I.P. Keith Kendall United Kingdom
Mandolins  Mike Pryor United Kingdom
Match striking postcards David Figg Australia
Match tax stamps Fernán Pacheco Costa Rica
Mr Perriman – a memory Ian Macilwain United Kingdom
Murder on Fuencarral street * Jesús María Bollo García Spain
My first collected items Derek Judd United Kingdom
No matchbox required Phil Stringer United Kingdom
Ohio Blue Tip Pauline Entwisle United Kingdom
Old Cornish mines Mike Pryor United Kingdom
Same label, different words Hans Everink Netherlands
Something unusual, different Navneet Kulkarni India
Spring loaded Phil Stringer United Kingdom
Stori Belong PNG Masis Jerry Bell Australia
Swan Vestas James Oxley-Brennan United Kingdom
The Blue Lagoon Gísli Jóhann Sigurðsson Iceland
The tigers of Malaya Badrul Hisham Jaafar Malaysia
Tōkaidō Road Jerry Bell Australia
Treasure hunter strikes lucky Alan High United Kingdom
Trench art Phil Stringer United Kingdom
Union Linz (Austria) Vladimír Steiner Czech Republic
Unique 1936 matchbox from Spain * José Ventura García Spain
When I started collecting Flemming Henningsen Denmark
Why I exhibit Jim Taylor United Kingdom
Why I started collecting Mike Pryor United Kingdom
Wildlife on matchbox labels * Detlef Zschiegner Germany
Victoria Cross labels Middleton family United Kingdom


Archive – On-line Phillumeny Exhibition Catalogue 2022

Here is our Exhibition Catalogue. The Exhibits are listed in alphabetical order, click on a link below to access an Exhibit or read an Exhibitor’s biography. An asterisk indicates that the Exhibit is available in dual language.

Exhibit Exhibitor Country  
19th century scrapbook albums, 21st century treasure * Jesús María Bollo García Spain
25 years of Fosforera Española, 150 years of matches * José Ventura García Spain
Anthony’s Garage Anthony Harris United Kingdom
Architecture Masud Ahmed Bangladesh
Argentinian Beauties Fernán Pacheco Costa Rica
Bangladesh Liberation War Mohammad Jamal Uddin Bangladesh
Bell and Black Hardware David Figg Australia
Blue Cross brand, made in England Pat Stevens United Kingdom
Bookmatches used in the world of Advertising Pauline Entwisle United Kingdom
Cats and Dogs Holly Harris United Kingdom
Children playing games * Takeshi Yokomizo Japan
Distilling the essence of a country onto a label Ian Macilwain United Kingdom
European match holders Hans Everink Netherlands
Hinemoa and Tutanekai – a Maori love story Jerry Bell Australia
Holbrook bookmatches, Australia Chris Hime Australia
Matchboxes from Bangladesh Shakil Huq Bangladesh
Matchorama Aristocrat, by Universal Match Derek Judd United Kingdom
Merwanjee Nanabhoy Mehta Simon Blackman United Kingdom
My great grandfather met Queen Victoria Middleton Family United Kingdom
Porcelain Matchstrikers by Conta and Boehme Alan Downer United Kingdom
Postcards from Bryant and May Rupert Harris United Kingdom
Scheinost cylindrical boxes Vladimír Steiner Czech Republic
Scouting in Bangladesh Rashel Rahman Bangladesh
Sir Adamjee – From a Match Trader to a Nation Builder Badrul Hisham Jaafar Malaysia
Surcharges on Portuguese Matchboxes * Joel Viana de Lemos Portugal
Swedish favourites Al-Razee Anonnya Bangladesh
Three Stars in the Icelandic night sky Gísli Jóhann Sigurðsson Iceland
Top Hats Mike Tree United Kingdom
Treasure Hunting from A to Z Peter Pålsson Sweden
Two Cornish Pennies  Mike Pryor United Kingdom
Two For The Price Of One Phil Stringer United Kingdom


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