Union Allumettière Equatoriale

Exhibitor : Alan Downer

Unalor S.A. (Union Allumettière Equatoriale) specializes in the production and marketing of matches in Cameroon and in the countries of the CEMAC zone and outside CEMAC.

There are currently 6 member countries in Central Africa belonging to the ‘Economic and Monetary Community’ of Central Africa (CEMAC) :

  • Cameroon (a country in Central Africa)
  • The Central African Republic (a landlocked country almost exactly in the middle of Africa)
  • Chad (a landlocked country on the southern edge of the Sahara in Central Africa)
  • The Republic of the Congo (a country north of the eponymous river “Congo” in western South Africa, not to be confused with the “Democratic Republic of the Congo”)
  • Equatorial Guinea (a country on the west coast of Central Africa), and
  • Gabon (a country in Central Africa).
Le Footballeur and Le Boxeur skillets (size)

Two Unalor Brands

Two of the best-known brands in the CEMAC Zone are LE BOXEUR (The Boxer) and LE FOOTBALLEUR (The Football Player). 

Both are still manufactured today and have been used for many years, but unfortunately, I have no details regarding their period of use.

I have not seen any of “The Football Player” labels with the brand title printed on them.

I show here some labels, boxes and skillets of both Le Boxeur and Le Footballeur represented in my collection, and others that I was sent images of. These were all collected by the late Colin Girdlestone during his trips to Africa. I have no knowledge of the order of issue of these labels, other than the labels on wooden boxes were likely issued before the direct printed “skillet” matchboxes were produced.


Two LE BOXEUR skillets



Le Footballeur skillet

Here are two LE BOXEUR skillets, sold in Chad and Senegal respectively, and a Le Footballeur skillet made and sold in Cameroon.

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