Two inspiring artists 2024

Exhibitor : Shakil Huq

Besides being a matchbox collector I am a painter and matchbox designer. My exhibit shows two very different artists who have greatly inspired me.

Vincent van Gogh

There is nothing new to say about the immortal works of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Vincent is one of the world’s greatest painters. His artwork always inspires me. From that inspiration I designed a total of ten designs. My exhibit is dedicated to this great artist. Thank you.

Iam Tongi

William “Iam” Guy Tongi, born September 1, 2004, is an American singer who won 21 seasons of American Idol. Aimee is the first person from Hawaii, the first Pacific Islander, and the first non-Native singer in three years, to win American Idol. I made this matchbox design not a little but a lot out of emotion.

Just 18 years of age, Iam has a different kind of charm in his songs. Those who have heard him will understand what I mean. Iam’s father passed away very recently and he was the man and inspiration behind Iam’s music. Iam without a doubt one of the few people in the world born with a rare beautiful singing voice.  That is why those who have heard Iam Tongi’s songs and stories shed tears. I couldn’t stop the tears either. I was impressed by the love for his father. No one could hold back the tears when Iam sang James Blunt’s – Monster song for his father. An unprecedented scene!

I am a very simple person. Even if I want to, I can’t do much for my means. This boy, thousands of miles away as my child, truly touched my heart. I wish him much love and good health. Dedicating these matchboxes out of love for Iam Tongi. Some day, I will definitely arrange to convey these messages of my love to him through some means.

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