Classic auto assortment on matchbox labels

Exhibitor : Masud Ahmed

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with cars. The way they worked always intrigued me.

1976 Toyota Corolla 30 De Luxe. Photo credit: Rutger van der Maar on Visualhunt



Back then, my family owned a Toyota Corolla E31. That car drove like a dream. It never gave us any issues.


We replaced it after more than 20 years with a newer model.



At the time we used to get stickers of cars on magazines. I used to collect a lot of stickers of our corolla and other cars. This slowly turned into a habit which is still going on today. For many years I have been collecting die cast model cars of a wide variety. Other than cars, I also have an extension collection of coins, banknotes, stamps, etc. Among them, matchbox labels is one that I like to collect the most. Recently, I discovered that a ton of matchbox labels have been made on cars. So at the moment that is what I have my eyes out for.

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