MD Abid Mallick (Bangladesh)

Exhibit : The last five matchboxes in Bangladesh

From my childhood I used to play with matchbox covers. It was not only me in the 1980s, many kids were familiar with this childhood game memory. It was a very popular game to play with matchbox covers here in Bangladesh, but after a while I found that some of the matchbox covers were not available, as we know matchboxes are throwaway objects and their life tends to be short. Then I tried to start collecting a keep them safely.

As a collector my early interest involved numismatic and philatelic items but now realise Phillumeny satisfies me in many ways. All the phillumenists I have met have been supportive and I am particularly grateful for the encouragement and ongoing gifts towards my collection.

My collection mainly focuses on Bangladesh matchboxes, but I also collect Bangladesh promotional matchboxes, foreign bookmatches and labels and I have been collecting match-related items for over 18 years. I am also interested in advertisement matchboxes and a few other themes like motorbikes and cars, women on matchbox covers, cartoons, film, film, movies, cinema, theatre, actors, actresses etc. I have over 3000 items in my collection.

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