Himel Rozario (Bangladesh)

Exhibit : Beautiful flowers on Matchboxes & Labels

I am Himel Mark Rozario, hailing from the beautiful city of Dhaka, situated in the charming country of Bangladesh. Currently, I am pursuing my studies at the esteemed Notre Dame University Bangladesh. I have been collecting matchboxes and labels since 2020. In my collection, I have almost one thousand matchboxes and one thousand two hundred labels.

I am a life member of “Bangladesh Matchbox Collector’s Club“. Recently I have participated in an exhibition named 2nd International Virtual Matchbox & Labels Exhibition 2022“. That was my first international exhibition. After that I participated chronologically in “Celebration John Walker’s 242nd Birthday” which was an online exhibition and then International Phillumenia Online Exhibition “Phillonex  2023. I collect Matchbox and Labels based on country and subject matter.

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