Attema 75th anniversary presentation box (300 x 190 x 75 mm)

Exhibitor : Mike Tree

The Attema trading company was founded in Amsterdam in 1881 by Mr J W Attema. A business relationship was formed with Swedish match factories who used Attema to sell their products in the Netherlands. One of the first brands which they sold was “The Swallow” which of course is still produced today by Swedish Match.

In 1956 the company decided to celebrate 75 years of trading by issuing two luxury presentation boxes of matchboxes which were given free to their clients. The front of the presentation box carries a painting of Amsterdam by Jan Ekels the Elder (1724-1781).

Each presentation box contained :

  • 2 x 12 standard size boxes depicting regional crests
  • 2 x 12 standard size boxes depicting city crests
  • two household-size boxes
  • ca. 90 large wooden matches 

The household-size boxes had different images on them : the Montelbaan tower in Amsterdam (vertical image) and Water Mills near Breukelen (horizontal image). The standard size boxes had an Attema label on the back.

I really like this presentation box and always enjoy picking it up and looking at the varied contents. It is unusual in the Dutch market, and would have been a lovely gift to receive as a client of Attema. The original company has now ceased trading.

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