Sets of Six

Set of Six – Maharajas, uncut sheet 101 x 100 mm

Exhibitor : Vladimír Steiner

I have been collecting matchbox labels since my childhood. I started with the Czech labels glued on the boxes, later I went on by sorting these labels according to a catalogue. For the last thirty years my main hobby has been collecting old labels from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867 – 1918).

Some of the most beautiful labels from this period are the so-called “Sets of Six” – mostly glazed coloured pictorial labels, dating from 1903 to1914.

In 1903 six of the biggest matchbox-factories in the Austro-Hungarian Empire established a joint-stock company SOLO with headquarters in Vienna, with the main aim to be stronger and to be able to compete against the Swedish concerns in markets such as India, Far East, Turkey, America, etc. “Sets of Six” together with high quality matches and boxes helped to increase export into these regions.

Below you can see three of these sets still in uncut blocks. An individual label would measure 33 x 50 mm. About 150 different Sets of Six are known.

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