Visitor Book 2023

Read what Visitors to our 2023 On-line Exhibition thought of the show.

  • Alan Middleton ,

    The Committee has put a lot of work setting up this years On-Line Exhibition and should be congratulated.

    • Derek JUDD ,

      Another year of many forms of phillumeny from many countries. Look forward to seeing the next one. All entries are of great interest I believe to many phillumenists.

      • David Figg ,

        I have finally found the time to view this year’s exhibits and to my amazement the standard plus variety of exhibits keeps getting better and better each year! Congratulations to the BML&BS members behind the scenes responsible for putting this together and many sincere thanks to the enthusiastic band of exhibitors from around the world willing to share their beloved and multi-faceted hobby with the wider audience. Well done!

        • Ante Dlacic ,

          A beautiful exhibition with beautiful rarities! Thanks to the participants and organizers.

          • JOSE VENTURA ,

            Simply amaizing

            • JOSE CARLOS CORTINA ,


              • Jerry Bell ,

                The best yet! A good coverage of the hobby as a whole, and some very rarely seen stuff.

                • Bill Dalton ,

                  Loved the exhibit and back story from Mike Pryor – Holloway’s Pills and Ointments. Fascinating stuff.

                  • Steve Cross ,

                    Thanks for this Exhibition. It provides a fascinating insight into matchbox designs from around the world. So much work has gone into this from a number of very enthusiastic individuals who are obviously passionate about this subject. Great job! All the best

                    • Tom O'Key ,

                      Thank you, Society, for extending the opportunity to all categories of Phillumeny, in participating in the Exhibition for 2023. My interest in Phillumeny extends beyond the subject of matches, where the content of my study and collection are guided by the works of Miller Christy as he documented Edward Bidwell’s efforts to gather examples representing the fullest context of the subject called Phillumeny.
                      In emulating the spectrum of interest shown by these early predecessors in this topic, modern capabilities with worldwide communication at a finger’s reach, not only has the ability to surpass Christy’s expectations of any collection comparing with Bidwell’s accomplishment, but, in many cases, adding in with new information that was impossible to find, a century ago.
                      With that, I am excited and happy to visit the submissions from kin in the hobby and offer my gratitude to the organizers for their exemplary work in presenting this exhibition.
                      Tom O’Key

                      • Arthur A. ,

                        This provides a lovely, and eclectic, overview of the hobby. Congratulations to all who have contributed, especially those who have taken the time and effort to organise and co-ordinate the exhibition.

                        • Tom Gibbard ,

                          Excellent, keep up the good work

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