Scouting in Bangladesh

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Exhibitor : Rashel Rahman

I have been involved with scouting in Bangladesh from a very young age, and have participated in many scouting activities like seminars and camps. I am also a scout leader. Robert Baden Powell’s Scouting life always inspires me. That’s why I collect matchboxes and other things related to Scouting.

A brief history of Scouting in Bangladesh

Scouting is a movement whose work is teaching through fun. Through this, a boy or a girl becomes a good citizen. “There is immense joy to be savored by joining this movement.“, Robert Stephenson, 1907.

Although Scouting first began in the country in 1914, in April 1972 following liberation Scout leaders from all over the country met in the capital Dhaka and formed the Bangladesh Boy Scout Association. Then in June 1974 the World Organization of Scouts recognized the Bangladesh Scout Association as the 105th member. Later, in June 1978  the name of the association was changed to Bangladesh Scouts. Since 1994 the Association has also focussed on empowering girls.

Bangladesh Scouts started operations with only 56,325 members. By 2017 membership it had grown to 1,682,761 which established Bangladesh as the 5th largest country in the World Scout Organization.

In Bangladesh Scouting is progressing at its own pace. Boys and girls are becoming self-reliant through scouting – their skills are growing through education and also through pure joy.

Set of self-designed boxes celebrating Scouting, 54 x 13 x 36 mm


Commemorative matchboxes

The set of matchboxes on display was designed by me and published by the Bangladesh Matchbox Museum.

This exhibit is my tribute to Lord Baden Powell and Scouting. Thank you.


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