Rashel Rahman (Bangladesh)

Exhibit : Scouting in Bangladesh

I am Rashel Rahman, and I am a matchbox collector. I collect anything Scout related.

Some of my scouting items

I have been collecting for the last 25 years and am mainly a dedicated scout item collector. Right now in my collection I have about 15,000 scout items such as Badges, Scarfs, Woggles, Whistle, Compass, Belts etc.

Besides my scout collection I also have 1,000+ matchboxes and matchbooks, 20,000 stamps, 1,500 model cars, 3,000 books and 3,000+ coins.

I am general secretary of the Bangladesh Matchbox Collectors Club. Through this club we are trying to popularize matchbox collecting again in Bangladesh and the world.

I am very happy to participate in this Exhibition.

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