Four Dutch puzzle labels showing Architecture, from 1976 international phillumeny exhibition, 64 x 109 mm

Exhibitor : Masud Ahmed

The overall architecture of today is very different when compared with the architecture of yesteryears. Nowadays architecture has taken a minimalistic approach which can be seen everywhere from buildings to home appliances.

Architecture in the past was designed with lots of different things in mind, such as form, function, flexibility and medium. Today it seems that cost is the overriding factor.

Because of this, there are many pieces of architecture that are considered world-heritage status today because of their historical significance and their unique, elaborate designs. Their design language had something distinctive in it that cause many to still admire and study it today.

This is why I like the architecture of the past a lot, and collect matchbox labels that show it. Click on an image in the gallery below to enlarge it and see some of my Architecture matchbox labels.

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