Bookmatches used in the world of advertising

Commonwealth Emblem label

Exhibitor : Pauline Entwisle

My Interest in matchboxes began when I was about 5 years old. My Grandad, a prolific pipe smoker, used a lot of matches. He saved the boxes for me, and with few other toys these became a favourite plaything.

I became interested in the labels, which were mostly J John Masters Army and Navy. This collection grew with a complete set of ‘Commonwealth Emblems’.

Over the years, my greatest enjoyment was in finding discarded boxes on the pavement or on the London underground railway stations, at street markets, junk shops and given to me by friends, and I received the greatest pleasure when completing a set of labels.

Later friends and family collected for me. I still have an incomplete set of Belgian Clock labels which I would love to add to.


Four advertising bookmatches from around the world, mid 20th Century

Advertising using bookmatches

My exhibit for this year’s online exhibition is neither particularly beautiful nor outstanding but I think of interest and intriguing. I have selected a number of bookmatches that illustrate the use of matches in the world of advertising, ranging from the straight forward ‘PFISTERER’S incorporated, recommends PORTIS HATS’ , Your Hat is Important, to a bookmatch promoting a fund raising campaign for DR BARNARDO’s Homes, ‘7000 children supported’ and matches produced for a single event  ‘Elect NICK NICHOLSON for ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF.


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