Phil Stringer (UK)

Exhibit : Two for the price of one 

Collecting for me is not something I choose to do it’s a compulsion, there are many topics that I find irresistibly interesting, over the years I’ve amassed collections from an eclectic range of subjects including postage stamps, revenue stamps, fiscal documents, embossed crests and monograms, post cards, cigarette cards, beer mats, dice, coins, bank notes, bullets, Magazine of Art Annuals, Majolica green leaf plates, Portmerian Totem ware, Irish wade ceramics, Holkam Pottery mugs, custard cups, bottles, fossils, rocks and crystals, shells, exotic seed heads, taxidermy, carved ebony elephants, Japanese lacquer ware, plus many sundry items that draw my attention but are insufficient in number to be described as collections.

Bryant & May matchbox dispensers
Some curious striking tubes



Top of the list as my main and most extensive collectable interest is matchbox labels and other match related items especially the obscure and unusual.


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