Visitor Book 2022

Hi, please sign our Visitor Book and tell us what you think of our 2022 On-line Exhibition.

  • Andrew Hollock ,

    A great collection and shows just how varied the hobby of Phillumeny can be.

    • Stephane pinaud ,

      Very nice exhibition, thank you you for this travel around the world.

      • Badrul ,

        Truly enjoyed all the exhibits and took me awhile to read them all…a very informative and enjoyable exhibits, I must say….thanks to all , superb job 👍

        • Jerry Bell ,

          A collection of really interesting articles and I read a lot that was new to me. It clearly took a lot of hard work to put on, and is well worth the effort.

          • Mike Pryor ,

            Phillumenists collect for many different reasons, but always very personal ones. Perhaps inspired by a friend or a family member, sometimes a particular item or place sparks their interest, but clearly once you get the collecting bug it’s hard to stop. The stories in this Exhibition convey the joy and the excitement that these Exhibitors get from collecting, and it’s a great pleasure to read them and be able to share their love of Phillumeny.

            • David Figg ,

              Another great online exhibition. Congratulations to the organizers and exhibitors.

              • Peter ,

                You have a fantastic exhebition I really like it.

              • John Russell ,

                I have just discovered this fabulous exhibition and website.
                I was trying to find the metal sleeve for Swan Vestas that was offered in the 1970s. Anyone remember these?

                • Peter Pålsson ,

                  Mycket trevlig utställning med många trevliga utställningar.

                  • Stefan Joset ,

                    I think this exhibition is of excellent quality. It is very informative and well structured. I like this layout very much. Congratulations to the exhibitors and the organizers.

                    • Ray Easter ,

                      Excellent wonderful material with lots of information

                      • Alan Downer ,

                        Fantastic exhibition

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