Union Linz (Austria)

Union Linz label from 1902, 158 x 253 mm
Union Linz label from 1902, 158 x 253 mm

Exhibitor Vladimír Steiner

The UNION LINZ factory operated in Austria from 1888 to 1975, and produced some beautiful matchboxes and labels in the early years, some of which are illustrated here. Linz is a city in the north of Austria, about 180 km west of Vienna, and is the country’s third largest city.

Founded in 1888, in December 1903 the factory was bought by the SOLO MATCH conglomerate, and the name changed to SOLO LINZ. Solo went on to become one of the biggest match brands in the world during the 20th Century. The Linz factory stopped production in 1975 and was demolished in 1980.

Below I have shown some of the rare Union Linz labels which are in my collection. Because of their age these labels are hard to find. Click on an image to enlarge it.

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