Ohio Blue Tip

Two Ohio Blue Tip skillets, 215 x 120 mm and 115 x 60 mm
Two Ohio Blue Tip skillets, 215 x 120 mm and 115 x 60 mm

Exhibitor : Pauline Entwisle

I have found a small number of ‘Ohio, Blue Tip Matches’, in my collection, they were made in the U.S.A. These are a few examples. They were sent to me in the mid 1950’s, when a friend moved to America, with her new American Airman husband.

I very much like the design and the vibrant colour so I picked them for the exhibition. I also like the fact that I have both the larger and smaller size, with the same design.

I know very little about any of the labels in the collection but have enjoyed adding to them over many years and they have associations to people and memories for me. I would like to know more and read the Society magazine with interest and share this interest with my family.

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Editor’s note : The Ohio Match Company was founded in 1895 and became one of the giants of the US match industry. Blue Tip was one of its most famous trademarks. The company finally closed in 1987. The legacy of the company is celebrated by an annual 5 day Blue Tip Festival in Wadsworth, Ohio.

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