Match striking postcards

Exhibitor : David Figg

I have long collected picture postcards on various subjects and exhibited competitively in philatelic exhibitions where I have recently been appointed an international picture postcard judge. Coupled with my interest in phillumeny, it was not long before I discovered the existence of picture postcards illustrating match factories and other subjects allied to the match industry such as novelty postcards bearing an area on the card for the striking of non-safety matches.

Although difficult to procure, the speed of acquisition can be accelerated when one surfs the internet looking at various auction sites. This exhibit concentrates specifically on the match striking novelty postcard whose heyday was the first quarter of the twentieth century. It has taken over ten years to accumulate enough postcards for this display.

Further details can be found on the first page of the display, click on an image to enlarge it. Rare or scarce cards are shown with a flaming match symbol alongside.

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