Australian logo series

Black & White cigarettes, logo series covers
Black & White cigarettes, logo series covers

Exhibitor : Chris Hime

Vera Robertson, an esteemed late member of the Phillumeny Club of South Australia, got me interested in collecting these items. The series is defined as a skillet or bookmatch having a logo or symbol printed on a range of booklets on one panel of exact design with a business name on the other panel.

Another noted late member, Joe Dulf, encouraged me to turn a list I compiled to note the items I had in my collection into a full catalogue on these series. This turned into a daunting task as I never realised how many series there were. Interest was seeded by many members with lists being supplied to me.

The catalogue grew to over 150 series with over 15,000 items. Items are still being found today.

Here are a few pages from my album showing some of my Australian Logo Series, click on an image below to enlarge it.

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