Navneet Kulkarni (India)

Exhibit : Something unusual, different

This is Navneet Kulkarni from Pune, India. I am 46 now and have been collecting matchboxes since 1983. In our childhood games, losers had to give penalty to the winners. The currency was front labels of matchboxes. The catch was, if the matchbox was very common, we had to give 10-15-20 of them but if it was something different, unique, then you could get away with two or three.

That sparked the drive to get unique matchboxes in me. As I grew older, the childhood games were left behind, but the matchboxes were still with me.

Now I try to collect whole matchboxes with trays as far as possible. I have blog pages on Facebook and Instagram. It would be lovely to see you there and share my joy of collecting.

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