Keith Kendall (UK)

Exhibit : Joe Camel R.I.P.

I started collecting when in the cubs as part of a collector’s badge, my uncle, Gilbert Kendall gave me some of his duplicates and that started me off around 1969. I discovered the B.M.L. & B.S. in the 1970’s and joined in October 1977, when still living with my parents. When I moved to London, I attended my first meeting at the CEGB building near St. Paul’s around 1979.

My collection has always been a general one, I tend to specialize in Food Companies/Hotels/Tobacco related.

After a 15-year break, I have recently gone back to my collection and am beginning to try and get it organized.

This is my first attempt at an exhibit, apart from one I did when my uncle ran a local exhibition in Offley, Herts for a local hospice. Then I exhibited some old Russian labels I acquired when exchanging with a Russian collector in St. Petersburg.

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