Visitor Book 2021

Hi, please sign our Visitor Book and tell us what you think of our Exhibition.

  • Pat Stevens ,

    Congratulations to the exhibitors who produced pieces that truly fit in an exhibition where there is the opportunity to spread and share information and demonstrate the breadth and depth of this hobby of ours. The range of experience of the exhibitors was demonstrated and proves that however great parts of our collections maybe we all have much to learn.

    • Chris Hunt ,

      Some very good exhibits

      • Derek Judd ,

        I found reading all about the exhibits very informative. All exhibitors should be congratulated on their entries which were very diverse across the hobby of phillumeny. Well done to everyone wherever, and whoever you are.

        • Badrul Hisham Jaafar ,

          A much welcomed inaugural online exhibition by an international premier club society. Each submission has their unique areas of display and information. They are all wonderfully informative, some even packed with historical information. Thanks for allowing me to participate in this interesting exhibition. Congrats to the organisers, well done !

          • Alan Downer ,

            Although I took some part in organising this On-line-exhibition, it has exceeded all my expectations of how good such an exhibition of this sort could be. Well done to all the exhibitors for making the effort and making it such a success.

            • David Figg ,

              Congratulations to both the organisers and exhibitors for putting on such a diverse range of Phillumenic material for all the world to see. Hopefully the end result will be some new BML&BS members and that this event will become an annual occurrence. Well done!

              • Detlef Zschiegner ,

                Herzlichen Dank für die Möglichkeit der Teilnahme an der Ausstellung. Es ist mir eine Ehre und ein Vergnügen neben vielen anderen Sammlern teilzunehmen. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. It is an honor and a pleasure for me to participate alongside many other collectors.

                • Barry Sturman ,

                  What a wonderful, diverse exhibition of our hobby! Thanks and congratulations to the organizers at the British Matchbox Label & Booklet Society for their hard work in putting the exhibition together.

                  • Ian Macilwain ,

                    I really enjoyed this varied collection. It was interesting to learn how others started collecting. There are many exhibits which rang bells for me and often left me wanting more. The level of design and print quality is often quite exceptional. Tokkaido road and Old French labels were highlights for me. Thankyou to the organisers fro making this happen.

                    • Joset Stefan ,

                      The wide-ranging exhibition on the Phillumenie was an excellent success. Because the subject is very broad, I will not presume to name any exhibitor as “the best”. They all worked out very well in their own way and it is a pleasure to watch the contributions. Bravo to the organizers. Of course, I am particularly pleased that Swiss labels (Barry Sturman) are also on display.

                      • Mary Vickers ,

                        A fascinating journey! I particularly enjoyed the Murder on Fuencarral St, Camera Quality Matches and The Blue Lagoon. Well done!

                        • Girish Vaidya ,

                          Beautiful exhibits. Brought back memories of collecting match box labels from different places and ususally garbage heaps!! I lost all my match label collection long back, now I collect postage stamps.

                          • jose carlos cortina ,

                            Maravillosa exposición cuyo contenido me ha sido comunicado por mi amigo Mike Pryor al cual felicito por su gran trabajo personal referente a las fototipias españolas. Felicidades a la organización.

                            • Zuendwaren_de ,

                              Thanks for these nice exhibition and the worldwide promotion of our hobby. Your’s member. Steffen from Germany

                              • Navneet Kulkarni ,

                                Diverse and very entertaining exhibits, very generous and intelligent club management. I am sure this exhibition will spark interest in many to start the hobby of phillumeny. A true infotainment.

                                • ms match ,

                                  the exhibit exposed me to so much more than I am used to seeing! I do have a favorite so far but still have more to view so that may change.
                                  thanx for sharing it for all to see. May it entice more folks to become collectors of phillumeny!

                                  • JOSE VENTURA GARCÍA ,

                                    No tengo palabras para definir está fantástica y maravillosa exposición. Mis felicitaciones para todos los que la han hecho posible y de mi parte especialmente para mi amigo Mike Pryor por toda su ayuda sin la cual no me habrá animado a participar.

                                    • Hamid ,

                                      I really enjoyed being able to visit this exhibition .I’m intrested in swapp match boxes by onother friends .I think we can send our culture and history by this manner.

                                      • See Collect ,

                                        Great online interesting exhibition ever.

                                        • Bill Ryan ,

                                          Very impressive and inspiring. Thank you to the people who have worked on this exhibition. I will return many times to drink from this fountain.

                                          • MUKUL AGARWAL ,

                                            It is an interesting exhibition which allows us to communicate each other and visiting collection from a far location…Nice exhibition…Kind exhibitors…Thanks you all but my suggestion that there should not be any fee for participating virtually…But overall a welcome exhibition and I appreciate the efforts..If any collector friend wants to exchange with me,he /she can message me…I am everytime ready to exchange matchboxes and matchbooks specially thematic related to birds,animals,numbers,flowers,nature ..Thanks to all

                                            • Alyssa ,

                                              I really enjoyed being able to view such a wide variety of exhibits from multiple countries, and having an opportunity to join a virtual guided tour. Can the tour be recorded for those of us who might not be available during that time and date?
                                              I particularly enjoyed David Figg’s exhibit on Striking Postcards as it showcased a duality of purpose through the usage of what was considered humorous during the period of publication. I also appreciated the value of the collection as the previous owners of those postcards would’ve forgone using them as postcards and as surfaces for striking matches.
                                              Bravo, congratulations and well done to the organizers of this online exhibit for keeping the flame of phillumeny alive that even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t extinguish!

                                              • webmaster ,

                                                Thanks Maria, that’s a good suggestion about recording the Guided Tour. We’ll give it a try, and if successful will post the video.

                                                • webmaster ,

                                                  We have created a short video Guided Tour of the 2021 Exhibition which can be viewed here

                                                • Juliana ,

                                                  What a vibrant exhibition with the back stories to each exhibit and contributor providing a wealth of information that both surprises and maintains the visitor’s interest. Thank you – I enjoyed my stereotypical view being challenged!

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