Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ5

Bids to be received by 30th April 2020, and can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS.
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LOT No                 DESCRIPTION

DJ5/1                   CAMP Flags of Nations 20 labels.  Av 36.  Belgium

DJ5/2                   Jay Dees Newsagents Ltd labels.  Footballers series of 18, Av 50. Finnish sticks

DJ5/3                   Thames Valley Match Company packet label and label.  Windsor Castle. Av 30 Austrian Matches

DJ5/4                   Fort Chromos labels.  15, Set 7 – animals

DJ5/5                   Harrow Match Agency, 18 labels – uniforms. Av 48

DJ5/6                   Enkabe Lucifers – yachts 1-20 (One packet label and 20 labels)

DJ5/7                   Joddha Match Factory Ltd, Nepal. Two labels – one flying horse and one 3 “Aces”. Mint

DJ5/8                   Mullio-Fire box and packet label.  Made in Zambia, African Match Co Ltd. Unused

DJ5/9                   TWIGA label – Giraffe.  Made in East Africa.  Good used

DJ5/10                 One label showing picture of a butterfly.  Fabriques En Indochine – Mint

DJ5/11                 Belgian packet label – The Three Musketeers. Av 40 sticks. Very good used

DJ5/12                 Norwegian Nitedals box and packet label, Giraffe, licensed match, Mint

DJ5/13                 4 Belgian Tower Bridge labels.  Blue on white no Av, 2 red and black on white Av 35 and 50, red on white no Av – last label Paraffin Matches, others safety

DJ5/14                 Set of 28 labels from the Jonkoping Factory, Sweden

DJ5/15                 Iran set of 10 labels – Learn to Read.  Safety matches

DJ5/16                 19 Whitbread Inns labels – used.  Swiss matches

DJ5/17                 Holland HEMA numbers 1-34, set and packet label

DJ5/18                 1 packet label and 1 label – Polar Ship, safety match.  Made in Finland. Av 45

DJ5/19                 1 packet label (Av 50) and 1 label (Av 60) – Drummer Boy, safety match. Made in Finland.

DJ5/20                 1 packet label and 1 label – NOORDERLICHT, made by Kesko, Finland

DJ5/21                 Portugal, Sociedade National Lisboa, ladies regional dress. 4 sets of 12 matt, yellow, orange, green and mauve

DJ5/22                 Hungary, teams in the national football league 1960-61, set of 18 labels plus 18 pk

                            Un-sold lots from Postal Auction DJ4 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ5

DJ4/2                   Hibiscus safety matches unused skillet, made by Pacific Manufacturers Ltd, Suva, Fiji

DJ4/9                   Austria Solo Flowers labels, 3 sets – total 6 labels

DJ4/11                 Set of 20 labels – Tin Wah Match Company, China

DJ4/18                 Seven SAMPO Uniform labels, made in Finland

DJ4/19                 Royal Navy Badges labels.  9th set of 21.  Made by Southern Counties Match Company

DJ4/20                 Federal Safety Matches – Crests labels, set of 42, Av.50.  Made in Australia

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