Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ9

This auction closed on 31st December 2020.

Postal Auction DJ10 will commence with the February 2021 magazine, but until then we will leave the DJ9 catalogue below for information.

LOT No.               DESCRIPTION

DJ9/1                   Dutch CENTRA, set of 20 labels forming Jigsaw of Centra logo.  Blue/green version

DJ9/2                   Southern Counties Match Co.  Set of 100 Steam Locomotives labels.  Mint.  Av 40

DJ9/3                   Dutch, De Gruyter Match stick cartoons.  Used set of 60 labels, plus packet label

DJ9/4                   Dutch, AF, History of flight.  Used set of 50 labels, plus packet label

DJ9/5                   Belgium FORT animal labels.  Set no. 18.  15 well used

DJ9/6                   Germany.  2 sets of Horsemen labels.  One set of light and one set of dark green.  Factory 103

DJ9/7                   27 Bulgarian used box labels.  Various designs

DJ9/8                   Set of 60 British Military Uniform labels. Southern Counties Match Co, Poole, Dorset.  Av 50. Austrian matches (4p)

DJ9/9                   11 box labels from the Thai Match Co. Ltd

DJ9/10                 Set of 20 well used labels “Legends Kings and Windmills of Sussex”.  Sussex Match Co, Haywards Heath.  Av 45

DJ9/11                 Set of 18 Lewis Meeson “British Birds” labels.  Av 50.  Made in Finland

DJ9/12                 Allumettes Caussemille, Fabrique en Algerie, mint skillet (small size) with no striking surface

DJ9/13                 Complete set of 100 mint labels.  Southern Counties Match Co.   Steam Locomotives, series 1.  Made in Austria.  Av 45

DJ9/14                 Complete set of 100 mint labels. Britannia Match Ltd, British Ships, 1st series.  Made in Austria.  Av 45

DJ9/15                 Set of 10 Parlour box labels from Jonkoping Factory, Sweden.  “Sailing Boats” (no script on labels)

DJ9/16                 Two mint labels – box and packet.  “The Cricket Match” from Anneberg, Sweden.  Issued 1896

DJ9/17                 50 bookmatches, small size from various countries.  Some unstruck

DJ9/18                 D D Bean – 40 bookmatches, small size.  Some unstruck

DJ9/19                 40 Universal Match bookmatches, small size.  Some unstruck

DJ9/20                 40 Universal Match bookmatches, sovereign size.  Mostly unstruck

DJ9/21                 Dutch CENTRA.  Set of 20 labels forming Jigsaw of Centra logo.  Red/green version, plus 1 pkt label

DJ9/22                 Set of 10 Cornish Match “Super Sonew” Cunard Ships labels and one packet label.   Av 50 at 11/2p

DJ9/23                 Cornish Match “St George’s Taverns” in signs labels.  Mint set of 50.  Made in Finland.  Medium blue

DJ9/24                 Belgium VEGE veteran cars.  Well used set of 60 labels.  Illustrations as for Dutch version

DJ9/25                 Switzerland.  “Ladies Headdress” hats.  Mint set of 22 labels

DJ9/26                 Brazil.  15 box labels.  Well used

DJ9/27                 Luxembourg.  25 different box labels

DJ9/28                 Israel.  21 box labels

DJ9/29                 British Guiana “The Lighthouse”.  One box and one packet label.  Package label has damage

DJ9/30                 “Official Rubber Stamp from the office of The United Match Industries”.  4″ x 1.75″, with wooden handle


Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ8 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ9


DJ8/2                    White T-shirt with split Swan Vesta logo – slightly used.  One size

DJ8/3                    Apron advertising Swan Vestas.  New

DJ8/9                    Belgium – Expo 1966 labels.  Historic gates/entrances of Belgium. Set of 10 plus PK

DJ8/18                  J John Masters, Victor skillets.  Series of 12, white background made in Sweden.  Mint strike anywhere surface.  Av. 30

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