Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ7

Bids to be received by 31st August 2020, and can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS.
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LOT No                 DESCRIPTION

DJ7/1                   15 Indian packet labels, various companies and designs. One or two with slight damage

DJ7/2                   Set of 48 Brymay Redheads labels, decimal currency.  Contents 50.  Used/slight damage on one or two

DJ7/3                   46 matchbox labels – Israel.  Various topics

DJ7/4                   Federal, set of 8 parlour size.  Australian Aboriginal bark painting

DJ7/5                   Set of 6 Japanese labels (Kanokada – 1956)

DJ7/6                   30 mixed German labels

DJ7/7                   18 labels.  Whitbread pub signs, Swiss Matches. Some with damage

DJ7/8                   Universal Match Corp – 40 Matchorama Aristocrat match covers.  30 strike

DJ7/9                   Universal Match Corp – 40 match covers (long).  30 strike

DJ7/10                 Universal Match Corp – 30 The Jewel Match match covers (long).  30 strike

DJ7/11                 Universal Match Corp – 30 match covers (long).  20 strike.  Some dated

DJ7/12                 Universal Match Corp – 40 Matchorama Billboard match covers.  40 strike

DJ7/13                 Switzerland, USEGO, Road Traffic Signs, German version. Mint set of 40 labels

DJ7/14                 Switzerland, Factory ZK, set of 20 labels.  Space exploration

DJ7/15                 Dutch De Spar, Products Sold, used set of 100 labels plus 3 packet labels

DJ7/16                 Dutch VEGE, Veteran Cars, well used set of 60 labels

DJ7/17                 Spain, Insert series No. 4, Famous lyrical artists.  Set of 75 labels. RESERVE £10

DJ7/18                 Spanish inserts.  Set 31 (Heroes of the Independence). Complete, 75 cards

DJ7/19                 11 French Skillets from set of “Instant Star”. (No’s 4, 5, 7-11, 13-16)

DJ7/20                 45 book matches, all with Scottish connections.  Various manufacturers and sizes

DJ7/21                 Set of 10 “Leo” skillets, nudes

DJ7/22                 Complete set of 80 cards, Spanish inserts, National Gallery Series B

DJ7/23                 50 Bryant & May (combination of Salesman samples and folded, no striker affixed, contents 20)
                           plus 5 Salesman samples no contents. All with Scottish connection


Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ6 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ7


DJ6/3                   CAMP Flags of Nations 20 labels.  Av 36.  Belgium

DJ6/5                   Belgium, Fort animal series labels.  Set 12, mint, set of 15 insects

DJ6/8                   Dutch, Molen Lucifers labels, windmills numbered 21-40

DJ6/9                   Set of “Courage” labels.  Series of 8 plus one “Courage A.K. Bitter” label.  Cornish Match Company, Finland

DJ6/12                 DRAVA labels, dog set of 24. Made in Yugoslavia

DJ6/13                 Wiltshire Match Company, set of 10 “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” labels on card.  Made in Yugoslavia

DJ6/14                 Bryant & May ARTB label.  Alpine Vesuvian Ent D (black on red).  Issued around 1888 (mint)

DJ6/15                 Bryant & May ARTB label – Ruby Matches.  Issued around 1890-1900 (mint)

DJ6/16                 Bryant & May ARTB label.  Rub lightly.  Twenty prize medals.  Issued around 1880-1883 (mint)

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