Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ1

Bids to be received by 31st August 2019, and can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS. To bid click here. For a printable catalogue and bid form click here.

LOT No                 DESCRIPTION

DJ1/1                    100+ Indian labels different from lots 2 and 3

DJ1/2                    100+ Indian labels different from lots 1 and 3

DJ1/3                    100+Indian labels different from lots 1 and 2

DJ1/4                    100 mint Indian labels

DJ1/5                    2 labels “PLAMA” Solo Works, Czechoslovakia AV.23 and AV.45

DJ1/6                    90 mint Indian labels

DJ1/7                    Set of labels, 3p Made in Austria – Midland Match Company, AV.48.  Mainly mint/good (no’s 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13-16, 19, 20, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 37, 38 only)

DJ1/8                    Set of labels, Eastern Counties Match Co, Made in Austria, AV.45, used good (no’s 1, 4, 5, 9, 11-14, 17, 18, 22, 24, 28, 36-38 only)

DJ1/9                    “Birds of Prey”, series of 10 complete set, mint/good condition

DJ1/10                 Italy Mark Glacomo Demedici & Co Magenta 1950/1955, AV.75 – mint springflap. Set of 6

DJ1/11                 110 Mint, good condition Macau labels

DJ1/12                 95 Mint, good condition China labels

DJ1/13                 50 Indian labels

DJ1/14                 Smokers World, The Cornish Match Co. Ltd.  Complete set of 18, mint, British Birds, AV.48, Finland

DJ1/15                 50 Mint mixed labels, various countries, fair condition

DJ1/16                 Part set 68 of 198 Royal Navy Badges labels c1988, Southern Counties Match Co, used

DJ1/17                 Complete set (198) of Royal Navy Badges labels c1988, Southern Counties Match Co, mint

DJ1/18                 Part set, Series 20, (42 of 75) of Spanish Matchbox inserts (Fototipias), good condition

DJ1/19                 100 mint Indian labels – different

DJ1/20                 100 Indian labels – some damaged

DJ1/21                 Complete set of 18 Lavells Wonders of the World labels, The Cornish Match Co. Ltd, mint AV.48

DJ1/22                 Complete set of 18 “Cats” labels, The Cornish Match Co. Ltd, Finland, mint, AV.48

DJ1/23                 100 Indian labels – mint

DJ1/24                 30 “Molen Lucifers” labels (inc 6 packet labels), Holland, mainly used

DJ1/25                 90 Indian used labels, fair condition, inc some War quality over print

DJ1/26                 100 mint Indian labels

DJ1/27                 100 mint Polish labels – 1960’s

DJ1/28                 Honduras “Los Barcos” used label, good condition

DJ1/29                 “The Libellula” Belgium, AV.45, used label, good condition

DJ1/30                 “The Pilot”, used “trimmed” label, Maguire, Miller & Co, Liverpool, Made in England, 60 matches

DJ1/31                 “Best Horse Matches” label, Victor De Schreye, Belgium, used, good condition

DJ1/32                 “The North Pole”, Eagle Wharf Road, London N, used “trimmed” label (Sweden)

DJ1/33                 “Camp” Matches, Finland, Paraffin, brown/yellow label, small piece missing from one corner

DJ1/34                 Allumettes Franco-Beige, made in Godarvile, mint ARTB

DJ1/35                 “Bullock” brand, red, blue/buff label, Tanzania(?)

DJ1/36                 “Imperial” ISM, Denmark, red, green/yellow label

DJ1/37                 “Centavo”, Philippine Match Co. Ltd, red, black/buff label

DJ1/38                 2 “Tower” labels, Norway, horizontal and vertical, red, black/buff labels

DJ1/39                 “The Nonpareil”, Norway, red, black/buff label

DJ1/40                 R Bell & Co. Ltd, Wax Vestas. Customer label for H H J Nichols, black/buff

DJ1/41                 179 Czechoslovakian labels in sets, circa 1960-65

DJ1/42                 411 Polish labels, 17 sets (97) – home (247) and export (77) use

DJ1/43                 156 Czechoslovakian labels in various sets, circa 1960

DJ1/44                 207 Russian labels, some sets, some miscellaneous

DJ1/45                 164 Russian labels, various sets, plus some miscellaneous, circa 1960-65

DJ1/46                 183 Australian labels, large size set of “bark paintings” (no. 1 missing) plus box labels, some going back to 1937

DJ1/47                 35 Swedish labels inc Mazetti, National Costumes, “Red Border” and glossy labels inc Comic Series

DJ1/48                 3 sets Yugoslavian labels – Dominoes (28), flowers 15 x green background, 15 x grey background

DJ1/49                 30 miscellaneous Yugoslavian labels – no duplicates

DJ1/50                 Set of 10 labels – Cunard Steamships

DJ1/51                 2 complete and 1 part set (9 of 10) foreign made famous Dutch paintings, duplicates

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