Postal Auction Catalogue : DJ8

Bids to be received by 31st October 2020, and can only be accepted from members of the BML&BS.
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LOT No                 DESCRIPTION

DJ8/1                   White T-shirt with split Swan Vesta logo – unused.  One size

DJ8/2                   White T-shirt with split Swan Vesta logo – slightly used.  One size

DJ8/3                   Apron advertising Swan Vestas.  New

DJ8/4                   Apron advertising England’s Glory.  New

DJ8/5                   Print from rubber stamp for the United Match Industries Ltd  found in factory after closure

DJ8/6                   700+ foreign made labels mounted on A4 sheets with stamp hinges.  Postage direct from seller £5

DJ8/7                   Cornish Match St George’s Taverns.  Mint set of 50 (tan background)

DJ8/8                   Belgium – Butterfly labels, Fort Animal Series. Set 14, used set of 15

DJ8/9                   Belgium – Expo 1966 labels.  Historic gates/entrances of Belgium. Set of 10 plus PK

DJ8/10                 Dutch Clown Jigsaw.  Set of 10 labels

DJ8/11                 Portugal.  Fosforeira Portuguesa Espinho, European flags.   Used set of 12

DJ8/12                 Set of 32 labels from Germany 1972 “Munchen Olympic Games”

DJ8/13                 23 different box labels – Turkey.  Some with damage (3)

DJ8/14                 14 different box labels – Gibraltar

DJ8/15                 9 different box labels – British Guiana

DJ8/16                 5 “British Military Uniforms” labels, one slightly damaged. Southern Counties Match Company 4p. Av.48 Latvian matches

DJ8/17                 Complete set of 10 Rizzla skillets. Isle of Man TT, Made in Sweden, Ac. 43 – mint without striking surface

DJ8/18                 J John Masters, Victor skillets.  Series of 12, white background made in Sweden.  Mint strike anywhere surface.  Av. 30

DJ8/19                 Selection of 100 box labels, mainly mint.  Swedish – various factories

DJ8/20                 Mulilo-Fire box label and packet label, mint.  African Match Co.  Made in Zambia

DJ8/21                 Complete set of 12 mint labels.  Duchy Match Co, St Ives – Historic Cornwall

DJ8/22                 40 Universal Match Corp book matches – 30 strike (Major size). Only one struck

DJ8/23                 30 Universal Match Corp book matches – Aristocrat. 30 strike (Major size).  All unstruck

DJ8/24                 38 Universal Match Corp book matches – Matchorama Aristocrat. 30 strike (Major size).  All unstruck

DJ8/25                 West Germany “Factory 103” VEGE labels, Town Crests, mint set of 96 plus packet label. 3 with slight damage

DJ8/26                 Mint set of 12 labels.  Belgian Ships of “Compagnie Maritime Belge”. Safety matches


Unsold lots from Postal Auction DJ7 are listed below and form part of Postal Auction DJ8


DJ7/1                   15 Indian packet labels, various companies and designs. One or two with slight damage

DJ7/2                   Set of 48 Brymay Redheads labels, decimal currency.  Contents 50.  Used/slight damage on one or two

DJ7/10                 Universal Match Corp – 30 The Jewel Match match covers (long).  30 strike

DJ7/15                 Dutch De Spar, Products Sold, used set of 100 labels plus 3 packet labels

DJ7/16                 Dutch VEGE, Veteran Cars, well used set of 60 labels

DJ7/19                 11 French Skillets from set of “Instant Star”. (No’s 4, 5, 7-11, 13-16)

DJ7/21                 Set of 10 “Leo” skillets, nudes

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