Meeting Auction Catalogue : April 2020

This Auction has been suspended, due to the cancellation of the International Meeting which was planned for 25th and 26th April 2020. 

However, we will leave the Auction Catalogue below for information.

Here are the accepted lots for the Auction on Saturday 25th April

LOT No.            DESCRIPTION

NWP APR/1        2 early German boxes, August Kolbe & Co., Zanow, 1845; Krog & Co., Flensburg, 1885

NWP APR/2        130 shipping boxes and skillets

NWP APR/3        5 French vesta boxes from the 1930s

NWP APR/4        24 “Dunyerbit” labels

NWP APR/5        Made in Egypt, mix of approximately 600 booklets, skillets and labels (mostly used, some duplication)

NWP APR/6        78 labels for 1920/30s USA market, USA 48, Sweden 14, Finland 16

NWP APR/7        220+ worldwide ARTBs, skillets, panels

NWP APR/8        125 older British labels

NWP APR/9        57 of set of 60 religious images printed in Spain for Peruvian market, Costa Batista Co. date around 1880/1890s

NWP APR/10      2 complete Mexican matchboxes with contents (‘Mary’ 70 Luces + ‘Los Dos Mundos’ Reg.1906)

NWP APR/11      Matchbox Holder Cast Iron marked ‘Rosbach Table Water’ Rd. No.333326

NWP APR/12      2 matchbox holders, metal – 1 marked Bryant & May Reg. 767353 Gladwin Ltd, other unmarked

NWP APR/13      Matchbox Holder metal “Plate” Stamped MW&S and “Matches”

NWP APR/14      3 Matchbox Holders: all different; with Dorchester Hotel ‘D’ monogram on lift up lid of matchbox compartment; all with rectangular bases, metal “Plate”

NWP APR/15      2 matchbox holders, – metal – Savoy Hotel and Dorchester Hotel – both round bases

NWP APR/16      2 albums of Swedish box and packet labels

NWP APR/17      Morelands Nimla Tobacco advertising label

NWP APR/18      Album of Swedish box and packet labels

NWP APR/19      Album of worldwide labels

NWP APR/20      Album of German labels

NWP APR/21      Unissued Brymay Redheads match label E2994 (magenta on white) cat. DRE9a

NWP APR/22      Commonwealth Match Works – 4 ARTBs: Bushells, Radio, Ku-Ku, Norco   

NWP APR/23      Federal Match Co. Capt. Cook SM mint ARTB     

NWP APR/24      4 Brymay moisture resistant (kitchen) match E2994 labels missing “Made in Australia” –  Apple, Grapes, Coffee Grinder, Kettle 

NWP APR/25      6 different WA Match Co. Swan War slogans, mint – cat. Nos. 32 – 37                      

NWP APR/26      B&M 12 inch cardboard taper tube with label

NWP APR/27      Complete INE wooden box – early German

NWP APR/28      WJ Morgan Ship Canal Match used skillet thinned plus 2 ARTB panels

NWP APR/29      Collard & Co Washington complete mint ARTB

NWP APR/30      Dunyerbit 8 different used labels plus 6 Remember Belgian

NWP APR/31      Hungary World Cup 1966 set 16+1 labels

NWP APR/32      John Dalziel and Sons Glasgow Egyptian Matches 1884

NWP APR/33      One folder of 250 labels no country of origin believed Japanese

NWP APR/34      One folder of 100 Maltese skillets

NWP APR/35      One folder of 180 Russian set labels

NWP APR/36      One folder of 62 puzzle set labels

NWP APR/37      One folder of 150 Czech set labels

NWP APR/38      Collection B&M Majors A to C about 400

NWP APR/39      Collection B&M Majors D to H about 400

NWP APR/40      Collection B&M Majors I to N about 400

NWP APR/41      Collection B&M Majors O to Z about 260

NWP APR/42      One album of B&M hotel booklets          

NWP APR/43      300 transport booklets and skillets

NWP APR/44      Old matchboxes

NWP APR/45      3 albums GB and European labels 100+

NWP APR/46      Bag of mixed labels on wood. Some Belgian, thought to be 1950s / 1960s

NWP APR/47      150 airline covers including a few skillets

NWP APR/48      15 plus service covers with a couple adverts

NWP APR/49      Album ships 249 skillets and 44 covers

NWP APR/50      20 complete unstruck pre war B&M bookmatches

NWP APR/51      B&M 25 year medal John Douglas 1940                                 

NWP APR/52      Kreuger and Toll certificate 11/7/1928 40 shares               

NWP APR/53      Kreuger and Toll certificate 14/3/1929 100 shares             

NWP APR/54      Kreuger and Toll certificate 14/3/1929 20 shares                               

NWP APR/55      Kreuger and Toll certificate 1/7/1926 5 units                       

NWP APR/56      Kreuger and Toll certificate 1/7/1928 1 unit                         

NWP APR/57      Pack of 900 hotel booklets worldwide

NWP APR/58      Pack of 750 general booklets

NWP APR/59      Pack of 659 B&M 20 strike booklets

NWP APR/60      Pack of 500 restaurant booklets

NWP APR/61      4500 labels worldwide including many complete sets

NWP APR/62      Album 1000 different Bouldens labels

NWP APR/63      Album containing selection of old British labels

NWP APR/64      Album 2 complete Spanish insert sets

NWP APR/65      Complete B&M Harlequin box swirl design

NWP APR/66      Brass outdoor light box

NWP APR/67      Small black Berry’s patent light box in good condition

NWP APR/68      Box of Barber Race Match from the 1870’s, small piece of side panel missing  

NWP APR/69      Barber Match Co sample case. Patented 1879. Coloured pictures                             

NWP APR/70      B&M showcard 20 Prize Medals showing 3 gentlemen smoking                                 

NWP APR/71      Tin Berrys Patent vesta and candle holder circa 1850

NWP APR/72      Presentation box of 4 decorated number 3 slides B&M

NWP APR/73      A pair of Bryant and May cupid match holders

NWP APR/74      1500 worldwide selection of book match covers

NWP APR/75      Stockbook of several hundred labels from many countries

NWP APR/76      Packet of 1500 matchbox labels including pre 1939

NWP APR/77      Album of 3000 Belgium, Czech and other countries labels

NWP APR/78      125 airline, shipping and transport covers some pre 1939

NWP APR/79      Album of Indian labels total 306

NWP APR/80      Album of German labels 260

NWP APR/81      Album of Bouldens labels 360

NWP APR/82      Album of 200 skillets

NWP APR/83      Box of older type boxes

NWP APR/84      Morelands pamphlet Merchant Ventures of the 1960s

NWP APR/85      An Album of Australian Labels

NWP APR/86      Album of about 1000 Bouldens labels

NWP APR/87      Stock book of packet labels

NWP APR/88      Stock book of mainly Cornish Match labels (no complete sets)

NWP APR/89      Stock book of threes labels


Here are the accepted lots for the Auction on Sunday 26th April

LOT No.             DESCRIPTION

BMS APR/1         Album of German Parlour box labels

BMS APR/2         Album of German Parlour box labels + standard box labels

BMS APR/3         Album of German labels

BMS APR/4         Album of Worldwide labels

BMS APR/5         Album of Swedish labels

BMS APR/6         Album of Worldwide labels

BMS APR/7         2 Albums of Belgian labels (one with mainly older items)

BMS APR/8         Album of Czech labels + an album and folder of Worldwide labels

BMS APR/9          Album of Polish labels 1945-51, 99% complete on catalogue pages, 1951-66 complete apart from approximately 20

BMS APR/10       Album of Polish XL Parlour Box labels 1969-79 on catalogue pages

BMS APR/11       Album of Poland standard Parlour Box labels 1958-71, 99.9% complete

BMS APR/12       Album of Cornish Match labels, mainly sets

BMS APR/13       Album of Worldwide labels and Skillets

BMS APR/14       Album of German labels

BMS APR/15       Album of British labels

BMS APR/16        Geo M Judd & Brothers Ltd. 13 different labels, packet labels and wrapper panels            

BMS APR/17        Palmer’s Patent Vestas 4 different “pill-box” top labels 37 mm diameter                      

BMS APR/18        B&M Tiger 2 ARTBs c1890 (one has small repair but has mis-print)

BMS APR/19        Mitchell & Co. Govan, Glasgow “Fern Matches” ARTB (flaps trimmed)

BMS APR/20        Belgium Album P-R 151 single labels & panels, 5 ARTBs, 1 Pillbox label, 13 packet labels & 1 Gross label

BMS APR/21        5000-10000+ Worldwide labels

BMS APR/22        1000+ Worldwide Matchboxes

BMS APR/23        18 old Matchbox Metal Grips

BMS APR/24        3 albums of GB and European labels

BMS APR/25        50+ Long Bookmatches

BMS APR/26        A Bronze Match Holder

BMS APR/27        Austro-Hungary Empire pre 1918 -50 Promotional labels

BMS APR/28        A coloured metal matchbox holder pre-war

BMS APR/29        Bernard Furth Bohemian c1902 set of 11 labels

BMS APR/30        Album of Worldwide labels a lot are pre-1939

BMS APR/31        A packet of 400 Worldwide Skillets

BMS APR/32        A packet of 400 Worldwide Skillets. but different to lot 31

BMS APR/33        400 British Bookmatch Covers mainly Bryant & May

BMS APR/34        500 Worldwide (many countries) Bookmatch Covers

BMS APR/35        4000+ Worldwide labels

BMS APR/36        Selection of old British Panels

BMS APR/37        Album of 1000 Czechoslovakian Boulden labels

BMS APR/38        Album of 1000 labels from Sweden, India, USSR and Yugoslavia

BMS APR/39        2 singles and a set of 6 Quantas Bookmatches from Plyfider Ltd, Sydney

BMS APR/40        16 different Australian waterproof, windproof/waterproof, marine matches (Seaway, Coghlans, Phoenix, Pain-Wessex, Bryant & May)

BMS APR/41        Set of 16 Australian Unissued Brymay Garden Flowers 1962 Mint

BMS APR/42        Set of 16 Duncan’s 60’s Cricketers back panels (oval frame) 1938-9

BMS APR/43        Set of 27 Duncan’s 60’s Cricketers back panels (rectangular frame) 1949-50

BMS APR/44        67 Old Swedish labels: 3 sets (costumes etc) and 4 part sets (red border etc)

BMS APR/45        1239 labels from Holland, Portugal, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia including many complete sets

BMS APR/46        Matchbox Holder Brass “Greek Style Lamp” British Patent No.2662 c1867 B.&A.B. (Bewick & Alex Bewick Blackburn of Chelsea) – with copy of Patent

BMS APR/47        Morelands’ Englands Glory Matches Ash Tray, reg. design Bakelite 1930s

BMS APR/48        Ceramic Match Holder (Man in Stocks) marked “My chin itches please scratch it”. (good condition – no damage)

BMS APR/49        Royal Doulton Matchbox Holder 8324 – Round Base. (good condition – no damage)

BMS APR/50        2 Devon Pottery Match Holders: (Black Cockerel design: “Strike me and I’ll light”) and (Cottage design: “A match for any man”)

BMS APR/51        8 different Pin-up Girls Booklets, Holbrook Sydney (Good Condition)

BMS APR/52        Bryant & May (Australia) Three Stars dozen size label cat. CTH3p mint

BMS APR/53        Bryant & May (Australia) Wattle Day label (top left corner damaged)

BMS APR/54        Bryant & May (Australia) Australian Museum set of 6 labels. Cat.23   Mint

BMS APR/55        Federal Match Co (Australia) “Bridge” front & back panels. Cat.9. Good Condition

BMS APR/56        Bag of 1000 Worldwide labels

BMS APR/57        100 Old Indian labels pre1947 (Independence)

BMS APR/58        UPEC labels 225 different (Austria and Germany matches), No Pubs included

BMS APR/59        GB Wax Vestas- Royal, Birds Eye, Royal Flaming, Best English, Celebrated – 17 Bryant & May and 2 J Palmer and Sons items. c1900-30s

BMS APR/60        Turkey – 78 different CIRA labels singles and part sets

BMS APR/61        Album of 100 Solo Locomotive Skillets, a few with customer prints

BMS APR/62        100 Skillets complete mostly exports from Japan

BMS APR/63        190 Finnish labels with a few Swedish 1950s

BMS APR/64        A mini album of 295 Finnish labels with a few Swedish 1950s

BMS APR/65        100 complete Bryant & May Bookmatches post-war

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