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Match Label News is the official journal of the British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society (BML&BS). It aims to keep members abreast of news and events inside the BML&BS as well as in other phillumenic organisations throughout the world. It includes reviews of the latest publications of interest to phillumenists. Match Label News is currently only available in English but it does include news of publications in other languages. As well as bringing you the latest news in the hobby it publishes research and information on older issues too.


Match Label News includes auction lists for auctions held at BML&BS meetings. An ever popular postal auction is also held in every issue along with regular updates to the Membership List. Though only members may sell items in auctions at events, bidding is open to visitors attending a meeting. Members may place proxy bids by post and email. Only BML&BS members may sell and buy in the Postal Auctions.


BML&BS membership entitles you to receive Match Label News six times a year for an annual subscription of only 12 (GBP). Despite our name incorporating the word British, members outside Great Britain are especially encouraged. Arrangements are available to pay for membership through PayPal.


Previous issues, whilst stocks last are available to non-members for 3.50 plus postage and packing. Priority is given to new members to receive the latest issue, so it is the policy of the BML&BS not to make the latest issue available to non-members. The only way you can be sure to obtain the latest issue of Match Label News is to join the BML&BS.


Previous issue posted to members on 2013-04-03

No. 396 - April 2013

  • John Walker Memorial Museum
  • Visit to D.D. Bean & Sons
  • Bryant & May's Motor Match
  • 21st Century matchboxes from Chile
  • South Korea - The Land of the Morning Calm
  • In Review - Lighting up Ireland
  • Ivory Coast
  • B&M Special Safety Match
  • British Royalty Pullmatch & Matchbooks
  • British & Canadian Stock Issues 1937, 1939 & 1953
  • British Royalty - matchbox issues update
  • Bangladesh
  • Dennis & Holloway Sealing Set Matchbox
  • Charles Farris & John Noyes
  • Wolf & Baker, London - 1856
  • The Storm Match Box
  • The Genteel -  Lovers of Light
  • Press Cuttings - Part VI
  • BML&BS Accounts 2011
  • Dates for your diary
  • Memories of Mr Colin Plummer
  • Auction Results from the February 2013 meeting
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda
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No. 397 - Due June 2013

  • Dates for your diary
  • Auction Results - from the April 2013 meeting
  • AGM Report
  • Prize Medals
  • B & M Special Safety Match - Corrections
  • Tidaholm, Sweden
  • Palm brand Vestas & Safeties
  • Gladstone painted red.
  • Atria Lucifers
  • STA - LIT
  • Motor Match Leather Case
  • Current Market Issues
  • Fennings Findings: Trinidad & Tobago
  • Strikeable Firelighters
  • Firestarter Matches
  • Made in India
  • Museum Find - WWI Matchbox
  • Ivory Coast (Part II)
  • The Lighter side of Bouldens (Bouldens Match Company - Part III)
  • Are you going to Kobe in Japan?
  • Matches - Part I
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Match Label News (formally the Newsletter) is the journal of the British Matchbox Label and Bookmatch Society (BML&BS) and is distributed bi-monthly to all members. It has been key to the success and development of the Society and is highly regarded as an important publication within the hobby world wide. Since the first issue, numbered №.1 in February 1945 it has provided members a voice piece for their views and presented varied articles conveying a vast amount of information. This then is the 67th year not only of the formation of the BML&BS but also of the magazine. It is surprising that in all this time there has only been seven appointed Editors. Joan Rendell gave us her contribution for over 38 years! The development of our magazine is evident if one looks at the various issues. Although much is down to the quality of the informative articles presented for inclusion, a large part can be accredited to developments in technology which have allowed improvements in presentation, we still owe a great deal to these dedicated officials who have given their services free. In recent years the benefits of using a computer and the addition of colour has brought noticeable advances, but it is still the editor and distribution team that have unselfishly devoted many hours to enable us readers the enjoyment of receiving the final product. The transition from editor to editor has not always been smooth, some issues were never printed and others handled by necessity, not official appointment, but thankfully these times have been few. In tribute a full list of editors names are detailed below.


The complete list of BML&BS Editors (1945 - to date) follows:




The front cover of December 1968 Newsletter 132. A good read, but no colour, no pictures and only 16 pages.


In February 2000 colour was introduced onto the cover. Colour was increasingly used and the August 2007 issue was the first to be completely digitally prepared and printed.

Ian M. Clark

February 1945 to March 1950


H.E.Dear (Harold)

 May 1950 to January 1952

J. Rendell (Joan)

March 1952 to June 1990

B. Cansell (Barry)

August 1990 to February 1994

April 1994 to October 1995

Match Label News


December 1995 and February 1996

not issued

A.R. Gallaher (Tony)

April 1996 to February 2001

Match Label News

Arthur Alderton

 April 2001 and June 2001

Patrick Daly

August 2001 to August 2006

Alan Downer

October 2006 to date


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