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Match Label News December 2019

MLN 436 December 2019 Front Cover

posted to members on the 25th November

In this 40 page issue :

Front Cover:  Scottish Bluebell matchbox

R. Bell & Co. – Scottish Bluebell

Phillumeny is the collecting of what?


Honorary Society Officials – GDPR compliant

Service Match Industry / Service Match Company

France – Visit to Normandy

Visiting France and Northern Spain

Long matches in spiral wound tubes

Display Cartons

Czech Republic – 8114

Swedish Match for Czech Republic

My own Matchbox

Made in Somalia    

Recent Finds – Golondrina 7860

Best-in (blue) 8004

News from Belgium – Error

‘Fennings’ Findings: USA

Redheads 2019 Puzzle Set

Red Robin & Yuletide      

Spain – FESA Football sets 1959 – 1961

Dates for your diary

Auction Results – from October 2019 meeting 

Auction Lots for Sunday February 9th 2020

Important Notice

How to cancel a recurring payment in PayPal

Back Cover:  ‘The Key’ Design Code 7961




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