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MLN 442 December 2020 Front Cover
MLN 442 December 2020 Front Cover

Match Label News December 2020

posted to members on the 19th November

In this 40 page issue :

Front Cover:  Costa Rican matchboxes

Icelandic Matchbox – Thomsens Magasin

French West Africa


Honorary Society Officials

Costa Rica – Collecting in my country

Progressive Match Company – Part II

Japan – the art of paper folding     

On sale in Aldi Belgium    

Turkish market – Inci TM

Fosforera Canariense S.A.   

J. John Masters “World Wildlife Series” 

An enormous modern football series from Spain

More direct printed tax revenue stamps

Giant Match Tubes

Pullmatches – Part II

Pullmatches – Metal Cases

Pullmatches in a Plastic Holder

Airlines… and their nicknames

Iceland – Part I

Peru – La Llama and Inti

What’s inside the bookmatch ?

In Memoriam – Ron Norris

Dates for your diary

Society Reports 2020

Embajada de Mexico

Back Cover:  Happy Shopper Safety Matches 8337









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