We hold three types of auctions throughout the year :

  1. Auctions at meetings. Every Society meeting always includes an Auction, typically of 100 or more lots. Click here for the current Meeting Auction Catalogue. 
  2. Postal Auctions. Click here for the current Postal Auction Catalogue.
  3. New for 2021 : Live On-line Auctions. Over the last two months, prompted by the impact that Cornovirus is having on our ability to hold Meetings and Auctions, we have been actively investigating the possibility of running on-line Auctions next year. Initial tests have been very encouraging, and although there are still many details to work out we envisage holding live On-line Auctions in 2021 with a small number of high value Lots. The first live On-line Auction will take place on Sunday 14th March 2021. Of course, these Auctions would be for members only and we would make arrangements to allow members without on-line access to participate. We will publish full details of this exciting new development in the February magazine. Any member who would like to register their interest in bidding or selling in an On-line Auction can email us here.

Only full members of the Society may participate in our Auctions. To become a member click here. Results of Auctions are published in the magazine.

If you have an auctions enquiry please e-mail us.

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