Advertising in the magazine

We always welcome suitable Adverts in Match Label News, and can offer two options :

  1. Display Advert, with text and graphics. A full-page advert costs £ 30 and a half-page advert costs £ 18
  2. Small Advert, with text only. This is charged at 10p per word with a minimum charge of £ 1.50

Any member of the Society can submit an Advert to the Editor, who will advise the necessary payment amount. Please use the on-line form below.

Once payment has been received the Advert will be scheduled for inclusion in our magazine, although we cannot guarantee which issue it will appear in. Inclusion in any MLN issue is to be decided by the Editor or as agreed by the Society Committee. However, payment will be refunded if you feel that the Society cannot meet your specific requirements.

Payment can be made in three ways :

  • by PayPal, which is our preferred method
  • by cheque, made payable to BML&BS and forwarded to the Editor. Payments must be in pounds sterling (GBP)
  • by cash, in pounds sterling (GBP) and only at a society meeting 

There is a discount of 20% for repeat advertisements.

Each published Advert contains a code which denotes the last MLN issue that the Advert has been paid to be displayed. This is to assist Advertisers, Officials and members of the status of each Advert.

We look forward to receiving your Adverts. If you have a question use

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